Project General Conditions

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The Project Manual for each project shall incorporate into Division One sections of the Project Specifications the prescribed General Requirements stipulated for use in a PASSHE and/ or DGS Contract. Refer to PASSHE Manual for standards.

All Division One sections will be provided to the Design Professional by the University for inclusion into the Project Manual verbatim. The Design Professional will only be permitted to edit specific select sections as noted therein. All remaining sections shall be included in respective Project Manual as issued by the University. No modifications to those sections will be permitted without written authorization from PASSHE

NOTE: For all projects identified as being primarily funded by the Department of General Services (whether directly or delegated), contract and general requirements / standards identified and issued by DGS shall be incorporated into the Project Manual and shall govern as written. Refer to the Design Procedure Manual as published by DGS

General Guidance

Although PASSHE allows only limited modifications to Division One sections, the following terms and conditions specific to West Chester University have been pre-approved, and shall be incorporated into the Project Manual by the Design Professional:

  • The project site will be required to be completely fenced to control entry. On all complex sites, an 8 foot high chain link fence shall be specified with translucent cloth barrier mounted on the interior face. Cloth barriers shall be of open weave construction so as to allow for visibility of site beyond, and shall be of purple background with WCU logo imprinted on the barrier at regular intervals.
  • 4’ plastic fence will only be acceptable for short-term (less than 90 day) enclosure, provided written prior approval is received from the University.
  • All trees within a project site shall be protected by barriers/fencing erected on the drip line; and, shall be maintained by the prime General Contractor for the full duration of the overall construction period.
  • Excess topsoil shall be delivered by the prime General Contractor to designated site.
  • Due to campus location, portions of utilities are University owned, and portions are public. A PAOneCall is required for all public sanitary, gas, telecom, electrical and water distribution lines; likewise, a University WCU-OneCall is required for all on-campus utilities.
  • No blasting is permitted on campus at any time.
  • All Roofs of existing buildings under construction/renovation, and those of contiguous buildings to the project site, must be kept clean of construction debris at all times.
  • At the completion of all projects, the prime General Contractor shall be charged with the responsibility to engage the services of a professional cleaning crew prior to final inspection and acceptance of work by the University.
  • All Prime Contractors shall be responsible for maintaining streets free of construction related mud and debris.
  • Normal hours of work for projects within or around academic buildings which are fully contained by fencing and distanced from student occupied areas shall be stipulated in the Project Manual to be 7:00 am- 3:00pm.
    For projects adjacent to or within residential areas, working hours will be stipulated in the Project Manual to be 8:00 am to 4:00pm. Work in/around academic buildings may be restricted during exam periods, and move-in/move-out periods.
    Contractors shall not be permitted to exceed these hours without written authorization by the University.
  • Parking is limited and restricted on campus. Design Professionals and their respective prime Contractors will be permitted to park only in specifically designated areas, provided the appropriate passes are displayed on vehicles.
    Prior to the issuance of any project bid package, the Design Professional shall meet with the University to determine the preferred location, number of spaces, and access to be made available for Contractor parking of construction trailers and personnel vehicles during the construction period; and shall incorporate these locations within the Project Manual. No other locations on campus will be permitted for contractor or project use without prior written approval by the University.
  • No deliveries of construction material will be accepted by University personnel; or shall be ‘drop shipped’ at an unattended location on campus.
  • Utility shutdowns will require written authorization from the University. A mandatory coordination meeting with University personnel is required for any shutdowns in excess of 30 minutes. No shutdowns will be permitted without a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.
  • Prior coordination with University is required for all road closures and partial closures for receiving shipments. The respective prime Contractor shall be responsible to coordinate with the University Public Safety department as part of the delivery process. A minimum 48 hour notice is required.
  • O & M Manuals and As-Built Drawings: The Project Manual shall stipulate that all Prime Contractors shall provide one (1) hard copy and one (1) electronic copy of all drawings, manuals and final closeout documents.