Security Systems Design Considerations

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Security Systems:

Refer to Sole Source Considerations for specifics regarding Security Systems in all projects.

Panic Alarm Devices:

(the following is excerpted, in part, from the WCU Public Safety website. Please refer to same for additional information and clarification).

The Panic Button is a device which shall be installed in select areas of buildings/campus for the sole purpose of alerting WCUPD (West Chester University Police Department) to a crisis situation under circumstances where the reporting person is unable to access a telephone. The Panic Button is a measure of last resort and should be used under rare and extreme circumstances.

The button is to be typically mounted on the underside of a counter or desk, but can also be placed on an accessible wall.

Panic Button shall be wired such that once active, it can only be reset through use of a special key. It is uniquely linked to the specific location where it is initially installed and is not interchangeable.

Sample Panic Button Images include:

Panic Button
Panic Button
Panic Button
Panic Button

Contact the Public Safety Electronic Security Manager, Norman Wallace (x2729) if the panic button needs repair, removal or its location changed

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