Working with the University

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General Guidelines

The Facilities Division of West Chester University oversees all planning, design, renovation, new construction and maintenance/upkeep to the campus. All of the individual departments within the Division interact on projects which impact the campus environment.

Design & Construction

As stewards of the physical campus, the D&C staff within the University Facilities Division administers to the planning, design, renovation, new construction, infrastructure improvement, and major building maintenance initiatives to create safe, functional, attractive spaces, buildings, and campus sites in support of the University mission. D&C accomplishes its goal through collaborative, creative and professional project leadership.

Partnering with external consultants, design professionals, and contractors, D&C’s Project staff oversees the soliciting, securing and administering the work of independent Design Professionals to provide such project related services as:

  • Space programming
  • Feasibility studies and master planning
  • Code analysis
  • Cost estimating
  • Architectural and engineering design
  • Site/landscape design
  • Solicitation for Municipal (land development/zoning) and State (L&I, DGS) approval
  • Construction administration and inspection
  • Furniture and equipment design, selection and procurement
  • Move/occupancy planning and execution

As determined by the specific scope, all projects are assigned a WCU Project Manager, Interior Designer and/or a Construction Coordinator to oversee the work of the Design Professional, who may be secured through an open RFP process, or selected from the pre-approved lists of Design Professionals under WCU or PASSHE contracts. D&C personnel also act as professional liaisons between University users and the Design Professionals.

Working with Federal, State, & Local Agencies

Design Professionals shall design and administer to the construction of any project so as to ensure strict compliance with Federal Building Codes (i.e. Americans with Disabilities Act- ADA); Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Building Codes - including Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE or ‘the System’), the Department of General Services (DGS), Labor & Industry (L&I); and, Local Municipal Codes encompassing Chester County, West Chester Borough (WCB), West Goshen Township (WGT), and East Bradford Township depending upon the specific site location of the proposed project (refer to campus maps).

  1. Site Inspections during construction will be coordinated by the University through its assigned Labor & Industry (L&I) Inspector. Primarily on Capital Projects where there may substantial site work requiring local Land Development approvals, Township/Borough inspectors (or their representatives) for inspection of site work only, may be involved.

Where there will be co-mingling of students and construction personnel during the implementation of any project, all construction personnel must obtain criminal history/Act 34 checks prior to working on campus.

Coordination with State and Local Authorities

All projects will be under the authority of Chester County and West Chester Borough, West Goshen Township or East Bradford Township, depending on specific building site location. As such, the project must comply with all Land Development, Zoning, and Storm Water requirements in jurisdiction having authority.

NPDES jurisdiction shall fall under the Chester County Conservation District.

Construction inspection and occupancy approval is subject to the jurisdiction of PA Department of Labor & Industry (L&I). Plan Reviews are to be submitted by the Design Professional directly to L&I in Harrisburg. The Commonwealth has assigned a specific inspector to the West Chester University campus who will make periodic visits (at least weekly or as required) for construction inspection. All inspections must be coordinated jointly with the L&I assigned inspector, and with the University Construction Coordinator. Variance requests must be submitted to the University for written acceptance prior to submittal to L&I for final consideration.

It is the University’s expectation that the Design Professional’s fees shall include development of, and submission to, all governing agencies with project documentation as required by the authorities having jurisdiction. In addition, the professional’s quoted fees shall include time allotted to meet with the borough or township engineer for any zoning and/or land development issues; and, to understand storm water design requirements and to perform storm water design reviews prior to document submission. Further, the design professional’s approved fees shall include time allotted to attend Borough/township Zoning Board meetings and Council/Supervisor meetings when project reviews are on the agenda.

Using Commonwealth Contracts

Projects which are administered by the University are contracted through various formats depending upon the source of the funding. Those whose budgets are derived by University funding are typically implemented through the use of University- or Centrally-held professional contracts.

Those projects funded through Commonwealth budget monies are either implemented through the Department of General Services (thereby conforming to DGS requirements) or funded through PASSHE funding sources/methodologies (i.e. University loans, Auxiliary budgeting or loans). These latter projects must conform to PASSHE requirements.

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE or ‘the System’)

Those projects funded through PASSHE funding sources/methodologies (i.e. University loans, Auxiliary budgeting or loans) must meet PASSHE criteria. Design Professionals on these projects can be secured through:

  • University-level open ended contracts. View the current contracts
  • Centrally-held (PASSHE) level contracts. View the current contracts
  • Public solicitation through the RFP process at either the State or University level. These contracts are solicited on an “as needed” basis and are generally secured when the scope or cost of the work does not meet the criteria for University or centrally-held contracts in effect.

The General Requirements and portions of Division One of the specifications for those projects using the PASSHE contracts will be provided through the University Contract Procurement department; and, must be incorporated verbatim into the final project design manual. Only specific sections of this division may be edited or modified by the Design Professional, and only upon written authorization by the Project Manager. Updates to these sections will be posted on the website or can be secured through the Department of Construction Procurement at the University.

Department of General Services (DGS)

Specific Capital Projects funded through Commonwealth budget monies are implemented through the Department of General Services and must conform to DGS requirements. Selection of the Design Professional is administered through DGS in accordance with their standards. Upon selection of the Professional, the University will work with DGS project managers to confirm program, design and construction implementation.

For specific information regarding procedures and requirements of DGS project services, Design Professionals shall refer to the Department of General Services.