Processing Time ~ Payment Distribution

The Accounts Payable Team will issue payments for properly authorized and coded invoices and requests for reimbursement within five (5) business days of receipt or by the due date.

Frequency of Payment Runs processed outside normal cycle

The Accounts Payable team issues payments several times each week. Standard Vendor payments are issued on Tuesday and Friday. Student refunds are processed for the Bursar's Office on Thursday. Emergency payment runs are disruptive and cause delays in processing other client transactions and thus, must be minimized.

Remittances Requiring Enclosures with Checks

Any forms to be included with the payment when mailed should be attached to the invoice/expenditure request. The Accounts Payable team will be responsible for enclosing the document with the check. When submitting subscriptions, dues payments, permits, or any other payment request without an invoice number, a copy of the invoice/application/form must be attached to send with the payment. This will assist the vendor in crediting the University with payment of the invoice. Any requests submitted without the copy to mail will be returned.

Refund Checks

Vendors may issue refund checks for rebates, returned goods, duplicate payments, credit memos or overpayments. Accounts Payable is responsible for requesting, recording receipt and forwarding (to the Office of the Bursar) for deposit any vendor refund or rebate checks.

Stale Dated Checks

The bank utilized by the University will return all checks that are over 180 days old and presented for payment. Student issued checks that are returned will be handled as follows:

The bank statement is received monthly by the Accounting department.

Fiscal Technician will send a note to the Bursar's office and Account Representatives listing the return for all student accounts affected noting the date of return.

The account representatives will contact the students and make arrangements to have replacement checks issued.

Replacement checks will be issued through the normal student refund process.

Fiscal Technician will also notify the Accounts Payable department and request that the stale dated checks be processed through the financial ystem as VOID checks and close liability on these checks so that they are not automatically reissued.

Vendor issued checks that are returned will be handled as follows:

The accounting department receives the bank statement monthly. Accounting will notify the Accounts Payable department of the vendors affected and note the date of return. Accounts Payable will contact the vendors in question and provide the schedule for replacement payments to be issued. Accounts Payable will void the checks in the financial system and select the automatic reissue feature. Accounts Payable will ensure that all replacement payments have been made.

Void Checks

A check may need to be voided for a number of reasons (incorrect payee name, amount, etc.) The check is to be returned to the Cash Disbursement Manager. Please mark VOID across the face of the check.

Contact Marianne Peffall

outlining the reason for the void and instructions if the check is to be reissued. Print a copy of your email and attach it to the check being returned to Accounts Payable, 201 Carter Drive.

Stop Payments

The typical reason for a stop payment request is that the check was lost. Since the check will not be accessible,

contact Marianne Peffall

outlining the specific reason for the stop payment request. If the check is to be reissued, please provide detailed instructions.

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