Submission of Invoices

Invoices may be mailed via inter-campus mail, regular mail, or delivered to the Accounts Payable area, 201 Carter Drive, Suite 200, West Chester University. To ensure that all discounts are taken and that invoices are processed by due dates, it is essential that invoices be forwarded to the Accounts Payable team as quickly as possible. This is especially critical with invoices received with direct department deliveries.

Invoices may be mailed via inter-campus mail, regular mail, or delivered to the Accounts Payable area, 201 Carter Drive, Suite 200, West Chester University.

Please forward invoices for processing to the Accounts Payable Department. It is not necessary to direct your item to a specific staff member. Your item will be routed to the appropriate staff member upon it’s arrival. If your item needs special handling, please direct it to the attention of the AP Manager. If your item is travel related, please direct it to Accounts Payable - Travel. In order to prevent delays in processing, be sure your items are submitted with authorizing signatures, chart fields to be charged, and appropriate backup documentation.

Invoices must be submitted to Accounts Payable promptly for reconciliation, data entry into the financial system, and to schedule payments. Invoices received in Accounts Payable without a Purchase Order reference are researched in an attempt to find a match. However, if the Accounts Payable Team cannot determine the proper Purchase Order, the invoice will be returned.

Payment will be made from the original invoice. Packing slips and statements should not be submitted for payment. It is the responsibility of each department to provide an original invoice if they have taken direct delivery of the goods. The department manager, chair, or dean must authorize all invoices for payment. If for any reason a copy must be submitted, the top of the invoice should be marked “Certified Copy of Original Invoice”. Ensure that the original invoice has not already been submitted for payment before sending the copy to Accounts Payable for processing. The person having budgetary authority for your department should mark the invoice "OK to pay" and affix their signature and the date. They should also record the proper chart fields to be used (Cost Center, WBS Element, GL account code) for chargeback to your department. If the invoice is for payment on a purchase order, please be sure the purchase order number is written on the invoice.

Invoice Number

The invoice number identifies the vendor invoice being paid, and is usually assigned by the vendor. If an invoice number is not provided, the Accounts Payable Team will use the Purchase Order number /Payment Request number or cost center number and invoice date a substitute invoice number.

Approvals Required

A full, legible signature and printed signature of the individual authorizing payment is required. Initials will not be accepted. Only those individuals having budget responsibility or individuals to which that responsibility has been delegated may approve invoices or expenditure requests.

Individuals with budget responsibility cannot authorize payments to themselves. Such payment or reimbursement requests shall require the individual’s immediate supervisor to approve the payment request. Department heads must provide to the Purchasing Manager written authorization for individuals to receive delegated signatory authority. A sample of the delegated person’s signature must be submitted and will remain in the Purchasing Office’s authorization files for audit purposes.

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