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Purchasing Card

This program has been established in order to provide a more rapid turnaround of requisitions for low dollar value goods, and to reduce paperwork. By using the Purchasing Card Program the traditional requisition - pricing inquiry - order placement - delivery of goods - invoice - voucher review - payment cycle is greatly reduced. Those requisitioners who have been issued purchasing cards may initiate transactions in-person or by telephone, fax or internet, within the limits of this procedure, and receive goods. Payments to vendors are made via the MasterCard settlement system. Accounts Payable will make periodic settlements with the bank.

The goals of the purchasing card program are:

  • Utilizing technology and e-commerce to improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness
  • Collecting system wide procurement data to enable negotiation of larger discounts from volume merchants
  • Eliminating Requistions and Purchase Order for small dollar purchases
  • Improve turnaround time and accuracy of orders
  • Provide a convenient method for cardholders to get things when needed to meet their objectives
  • Enable faster payments and improve vendor relations
  • Provide comprehensive spending reporting for review and control purposes

Travel Card

The travel card program provides a method of charging expenses which are exclusively for official business travel on behalf of West Chester University of Pennsylvania. The Travel Card provides tax exemption, enables segregation of official business travel expenses from personal credit card expenses, and contributes toward potential System rebate programs. Cardholders are personally liable for all charges against the card.

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