SAP Finance System Training

Training is provided to our campus customers through multiple channels, on-line documents and ScreenCasts that you can utilize for self training and on-going reference, formal training sessions provided by Finance and Business Services staff, and One-On-One training sessions provided by Finance and Business Services staff.

Completion of the Basic Navigation training is a prerequisite for obtaining an SAP user ID which allows access to the SAP Financial system. Only employees who, as part of their position duties and responsibilities, are required to access budget / financial / procurement information and/or process requisitions will be given access. The employee's need to access data does not equate to casual viewing. It is the employee's obligation, and his/her supervisor's responsibility, to ensure that access to data is only to complete assigned functions.

SAP Basic Navigation training is provided as a video accessible through our SharePoint site. After watching the video the trainee must complete and submit the Financial System Users Agreement in order to have their SAP account established.

SAP BI Reporting and SAP Requisitioning sessions are offered as part of the regular Faculty and Staff Training (FAST) curriculum.

Dates and times for these sessions can be found on the Faculty and Staff Training Schedule website as well as the Finance and Busines Services SharePoint site.

Training Materials

All training documentation is now available on our SharePoint Site. This can be accessed either on or off campus.

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