Report an Incident

If this is an on-campus emergency, call Public Safety at 610-436-3311
If this is an off-campus emergency, call 911

West Chester University works to maintain an academic community with high standards and expectations designed to foster and support the educational objectives of the community.  Below is the reporting structure used in support of this mission.

Report a Student Conduct Incident
Conduct violations occur on and off campus. Violations include, but are not limited to: alcohol, drugs, harassment, vandalism, disorderly conduct, etc.  The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for addressing student conduct issues through the University judicial process and ensuring that students right of due process is applied fairly.

Request Instructor Notification for Absences
The Office of Student Conduct provides assistance and support for students who are away from the campus for a minimum of three class days due to illness, personal or family emergencies. A note will be circulated to the student's professors advising them of the absence. The student is also encouraged to contact his/her professors to make arrangements on any missed work. Complete an online form or call the office at 610-436-3511 to utilize this service.

Report Sexual Misconduct
The University is committed to equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination for all its students and employees. Sexual misconduct covers a variety of acts that will not be tolerated in any form by University faculty, staff, students or vendors. Retaliation in any form will not be tolerated against an individual who, in good faith, makes a report with the University or participates in an investigation of any such report. If you or someone you know is the victim/survivor of sexual misconduct you are strongly encouraged to seek support through the resources on this website. Resources are for both on and off-campus and several are available 24 hours a day.

Report an Academic Integrity Incident
Academic violations include cheating, plagiarism or falsifying official records related to the University. General classroom misbehavior is considered a non-academic violation. If you have questions about whether a behavior is considered academic misconduct, please contact the Office of the Vice Provost.

Report a Concerning Incident or Behavior
Report behaviors of students who are displaying disruptive or substantially destructive behavior that potentially impedes their ability to function successfully or safely as a student. The Assistant Dean of Students, in conjunction with a small committee of campus experts, works with those identified students. The Committee’s actions provide help and direction to students who are have difficulty coping, especially when there is a concern for the student’s welfare. Once reported, in cases when a student’s behavior may pose a risk of violence to others, the Department of Public Safety will be immediately contacted.

Report Discrimination or Harassment
Those who have been the targets of, or who witness, a hate or bias incident may use this online form to make the University aware of these incidents. After you submit this report, it will be immediately dispatched to the Department of Public Safety for assessment of immediate damage and to ensure safety of individuals and property. This assessment may or may not involve immediate intervention by an officer. Additionally, the Campus Climate Intervention Team will receive your report separately to independently determine what support mechanisms are available. The report may also be shared with other individuals at the University who have responsibility to address wrongful conduct as outlined in various University policies (e.g., sexual misconduct).

If you have questions or concerns about which reporting structure to use, please contact the Office of Student Conduct .
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