A note from our Director and Chair

Maria Urrieta, Director

Gerardina Martin, Director

As you may have heard, the Honors College is moving through a period of transition. Beginning immediately, Professor Maria Urrutia and Dr. Gerardina Martin will assume the positions of Director and Department Chair, respectively. We look forward to working with our faculty and students to ensure a smooth transition, as well as creating positive change within the program.

As such, Director Urrutia will take on the roles of advisor to HSA and Director of the Honors College, which entails the facilitation of all programmatic initiatives. Dr. Martin will continue as the Assistant Director of the Honors College, including the immediate Program Review and Assessment Coordinator duties. She will also take on the role of Chair of the Department regarding academic policies and procedures. Dr. Harvey Rovine will remain as the Evaluation Committee Chair of the Honors College Department.

Spring courses have been reassigned to faculty within the Honors College and we are excited to experience the energy they bring to the classroom. We are also pleased to announce HON 320 - Seminar on Global Issues will be led by Dr. Saboe in the Spring. He, along with several Honors faculty will lead the South Africa trip at the end of the academic year. International travel experiences and other topics will be part of a larger discussion forum held throughout the Spring semester. We also look forward to having all Honors Core faculty housed in the same building, 703 S. High Street. As a community we are ready to begin the process of reshaping and creating new opportunities for everyone.

What does this mean? Well, if you have questions about an HSA organization or committee, please contact Director Urrutia directly. She will be located in the Director’s office in the Honors College. For questions about classes, please reach out to Dr. Martin. When in doubt - email them both, and we will collaborate to provide answers to you quickly.

Thank you all for your support, and we are excited to see the amazing impact you will have on your community!

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