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CAPC Handbook

This section of the website presents the policies and procedures of the Curriculum and Academic Policies Council (CAPC) with the implementation processes of the Office of Digital Learning and Innovation.

Purpose of Distance Education and the Office of Digital Learning and Innovation

APSCUF and PASSHE have agreed via the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that the “purpose of distance education is to increase access and the availability of the curriculum offerings” (Article 41, Section A, paragraph 1). West Chester University established the Office of Distance Education in 2011 and it was renamed to the Office of Digital Learning and Innovation in 2020. It is a centralized office that supports the development, promotion, implementation, and assessment of distance education programs and courses at West Chester University. The office works closely with deans, department chairs, and faculty to expand existing distance education programs as well as identify and develop new programs. The Office provides comprehensive services to support distance education faculty and students to offer high-quality distance education courses and ensure student success. 

Faculty are strongly encouraged to work collaboratively with the office on all facets of their distance education instruction including preparing courses for CAPC approval or revision.

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