Workers' Compensation - AFSCME & SPFPA

Steps to Follow when Injured at Work

  1. Immediately notify your supervisor of your injury
  2. Complete an "Employee Incident Report" with your supervisor on the same business day as the injury. Be sure to include as much detail as possible regarding the injury. When the form is completed, and signed by both you and your supervisor, send the completed form to Desiree Norris by email or fax (610) 436-3471.
  3. If medical attention was sought and/or time was lost from work due to the injury, a claim will be filed by Human Resources with Inservco, our third party workers' compensation insurance company
  4. If a claim is filed, Inservco will review the claim information to determine if it is compensable under the Workers' Compensation Law. Once this determination is made, Inservco will notify you directly whether or not the claim is approved

Tips to Remember

  • Even if you do not immediately seek medical attention or lose time from work, you should still fill out and submit an Employee Incident Report .
  • Notify your supervisor immediately of any medical attention or lost time due to your injury.
  • If you do choose to seek medical attention for a non-emergency, be sure to make an appointment with a panel physician, not the student health center (View the list of University panel physicians ). Employees must treat with one of West Chester's University's approved panel physicians for the first 90 days.
  • If time is lost from work, you are responsible for contacting your supervisor as soon as your doctor certifies that you are able to return to work.

Workers Compensation Forms and Additional Information

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