What's Happening at WCU?

WCU Welcomes 15 New Employees

Fifteen new employees attended our New Employee Welcome sessions held on March 28th and April 25th. Please give these folks a warm welcome if you see them around campus!

New March Employees
Seated: Kaitlyn Crouse (LARC); Brigid Gallagher (Alumni & Special Events); Carla Davis (IS&T Enterprise Services)
Standing: Mamadou Manneh (IT Help Desk); Sunny Livelsberger (CESW-Tech Center); Kirsten Lenthe (Office of Student Conduct); Chris Fiorentino, President; Bryan Pointer (Dowdy Multicultural Center)

WCU Welcomes 12 New Employees

New April Employees
Seated: Cathleen Dunn (Library); Emily Sheehan (Center for Women & Gender Equity); Eriq Arsenault (ResNet)
Standing: Arnel Floria (EdTech & User Services); Joan Kelly-Stalford (School of Music); Patti Spackman (Center for Contemplative Studies); Chris Fiorentino, President; Evan Daney (Graduate Studies); Devan Kowalek (New Student Programs)

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