Success Coaching at West Chester University

Success Coaching provides individualized support to guide students toward academic and personal success at WCU. 

Fall 2022: The scheduling calendar to make Success Coaching appointments will go live week of August 22nd. Success Coaches will be available for student meetings first week of classes.

Students can meet with a Success Coach regularly (once a week, once every two weeks, once a month) or meet for a specific need. Success Coaches provide Individualized Support With:

  • Support with Online Learning
  • Time Management
  • Test Preparation
  • Effective Study Techniques
  • Procrastination
  • Stress Reduction
  • Note Taking
  • Active Reading
  • Goal Setting
  • Final Preparation
  • Self-care
  • Effective Communication
  • Campus Resources and More

Who uses our services?

  • Any student during their college career who needs one-on-one support with services we provide. We serve all students at the WCU Main and Philly Campuses!
  • The following student groups particularly benefit from working one-on-one with a Success Coach:
    • First year students
    • Academic Probation Students
    • Transfer students
    • Student Alert Students

Make an Appointment

Students will need to register for a myWConline account before making their first appointment. Use the link below for myWCOnline registration instructions.

Video: How to register for WC Online

Set yourself up for a successful Virtual semester! Check out our Student Success Tips for Remote Learning . If you need help implementing strategies listed, meet with a Success Coach!

Questions?? Email us at

Student feedback:

  • “I was really struggling to find my way around this college. I was in a really rough spot when I emailed Rita for help. She met with me and paired me up with a success coach within the week. I feel better every time I leave my sessions and more confident in my abilities to navigate college. ”

    Natalie, Class of 2023

  • “Success coaching helped make my first semester less stressful, I felt like it was good to have someone guide me through it. I felt more prepared and less flustered.”

    Juliet, Class of 2023

  • “Tyler has helped me tremendously! She always answers my questions and makes me feel more confident about the path I am taking. She never turns down a meeting or a chance to help!”

    Maria, Class of 2024

  • “She helped me very very much words cannot describe. I would not be as organized as I am right now she really kept me on track. I loved meeting with her each week.”

    Kathryn, Class of 2023

  • “They helped me to understand how college works more and keep my life organized.”

    Grace, Class of 2023

  • “Definitely helped me grow as a person. I was able to come to a comfortable space and talk about how school is but also life. I appreciate the feeling of knowing someone is there and helped [make] my freshman year easier”

    Jalyss, Class of 2023


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