FAQ's for Parents and Families

Is West Chester safe for my student? 

Each year the University is required to gather and publicize an Annual Security Report,  which provides insight into the reporting of crimes on-campus and very close to campus. That report can be found on WCU Public Safety website.  If you’d like to sign up for WCU alerts, please check out: wcupa.edu/wcualert. 

Will I find out if my student has experienced an act of sexual misconduct?

In general parents or guardians are not notified when a report of sexual misconduct is submitted regarding your student. The exceptions to this are when the student is a minor or when the report indicates that there is a serious threat of harm to the student or to others.  Your student may disclose to you at any time.  

What is the difference between the West Chester University Police and West Chester Borough Police?

Both police departments are fully accredited agencies of the State of Pennsylvania. West Chester University Police have jurisdiction for crimes that occur on University property. West Chester Borough Police have jurisdiction for crimes that occur in the borough of West Chester.  

How can a parent or family member help a student going through the student conduct process?

Parents and/or family members of both complainants and accused are encouraged to provide support to their student. Students going through the student conduct process for sexual misconduct are afforded the opportunity to have a support person and an advisor with them during the hearing.  

Does my child need an attorney or an advisor?

This is a personal decision that some parents or guardians may consider, based on their own circumstances and assessment of the situation. The University does not provide attorneys for any of the parties. 

What if my student is falsely accused?

WCU puts an emphasis on a fair and equitable student conduct process. Each student is afforded the opportunity to have a hearing, as well as to bring an advisor and a support person. For more information on our process visit. The University takes false accusations very seriously and will take care to investigate allegations fully.  

How does the University’s process relate to a criminal case?

The University’s process is completely separate from any criminal case or other legal action or proceeding. In a criminal case the accused may be charged with a criminal offense. 

There are different standards of evidence in a criminal case and a University sexual misconduct case. 

It is important to understand that information a student shares (both complainant and respondent and witnesses) with the Title IX investigator in the administrative process,  may be subject to subpoena and included in the criminal case, but only if the case was reported to law enforcement.