Nanotech Instruments

The WCU Center for Nanomaterials (CNM) is a catalyst for fostering research and teaching initiatives in the area of nanomaterials and provides an avenue for faculty to carry out multidisciplinary research projects and shape future research directions.  In addition, the CNM acts as a platform for our faculty and staff to seek external funding opportunities, especially those that increase the accessibility of state-of-the-art research equipment and innovative research opportunities for undergraduate students.


Any WCU faculty and staff interested in nanoscience and technology can become a member of the center. Interested faculty may express their interest in writing to either of the co-directors.

CNM Officers

Dr. Kurt Kolasinski - Center Co-Director

Dr. Anil K. Kandalam - Center Co-Director

Dr. Brandon Mitchell - Director of Undergraduate Outreach/Engagement 

Dr. Lorenzo G. Cena - Treasurer/Secretary

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