Construction Progress Updates

Below are some important updates about the construction of the 175,000 square-foot Sciences & Engineering Center (SEC), which is the largest single building project ever to be undertaken in the history of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education and its 14 institutions.  Know that our staff, design and construction management professionals and construction crews continue to move toward the end goal of completing the project as soon as possible.

Progress Highlights

  • Excavation will soon begin in preparation for the foundation to the University’s new 460-car parking garage, which, when completed, will provide considerable relief to our current parking landscape.
  • Seven flat-bed trucks have been staged with just the beginning portions of the structural steel needed to build the SECC facility and a convoy is ready to be dispatched from Emmaus to our campus. Cranes, trucks, erectors and lots of activities will be starting 11/18/2019!!
  • In an effort that has rarely been experienced during the launch of any single project, all area utility companies and their teams have come together to work with WCU to expedite this initiative.  In particular, Aqua is facilitating the massive move of a main water line, which has been unprecedented.

As with all large, multi-phased construction projects, challenges surface, or are dug up in this case, relative to the land’s historic 148-year lifespan.   Upon digging through multiple layers of soils, we have discovered unsuitable soil requiring us to off-load hundreds of additional truckloads of debris.  This unsuitable soil removal requires excavation to a depth greater than anticipated.  We then must refill this space area with suitable soils onto which the foundation of the building can be placed. Essentially, we are recreating the earth where the building will ultimately rest.

WCU Facilities is working hard to minimize as much disruption as possible while construction is in process.  At the same time, the safety of our community is first and foremost. Thank you for continuing to follow posted signage and any necessary detours.  This is an exciting time for WCU and we have much to celebrate as we create a true state-of-the-art experience for our students to enjoy.

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