Mission Statement

West Chester University Student Health Services provides personalized and accessible high-quality healthcare services and educational resources to support student success.

Student Health Services accomplishes this mission by providing:

  • Primary health care that is high quality, prompt, ethical, affordable, confidential, culturally acceptable, and accessible
  • Services that are multi-dimensional, and evidence informed. These services address the needs of the diverse student population.
  • Additionally, Student Health Services serves as a resource for the university community in its mission and initiatives to promote quality of life and healthy development.

Core Values

To successfully accomplish its Mission, Student Health Services is committed to the following core values:

  • Respect
    Treat all individuals with respect, understanding, support, kindness, honesty, sensitivity, and compassion. Student values and individuality must be understood and considered in the development of our programs and services. Each student should be considered as an individual and actively involved in their own care.
  • Diversity
    Provide fair and equitable treatment to all students. Acts of insensitivity or discrimination against individuals based on their race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, abilities, or religious beliefs will not be tolerated.
  • Education
    In recognition of the reciprocal relationship between learning and health, SHS will support learning environments that will help students make informed decisions for the development of healthy lifestyles. Recognize that each contact with a student is an opportunity for promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Professional staff are responsible for maintaining the continuing education necessary to support this value and their own professional skills.
  • Assessment
    Regularly evaluate and improve both acute and preventive care by performing ongoing assessment of key service and program components. Assessment activities and reports must be timely and reflect a system for “closing the loop” of the service assessed. Periodically review goals and objectives in relation to those of WCU and the Department of Student Affairs.
  • Advocacy
    Promote self-advocacy by encouraging students to take full advantage of resources and opportunities, while recognizing that students are adults and responsible for their own decisions and their own health behaviors.
  • Collaboration
    Develop and cultivate collaborative relationships with other university departments and divisions in order to enhance student quality of life, integrate the dimensions of wellness into appropriate venues, and support student academics and retention.