Request Accommodations with the OEA

To request academic accommodations or an exception to a WCU policy regarding parking, dining and housing and/or emotional support animals
in WCU-owned housing, please click the following link:

RAMS - Accommodate - Initial Disclosure

*Incoming freshmen will not receive response from initial disclosure form until mid-May unless requested accommodations involve housing*

When your disclosure form and documentation have been reviewed by the OEA staff, you will receive an email that explains how to schedule a one-on-one initial meeting with an OEA staff member. During your one-on-one meeting you will learn about the accommodations and services provided by the OEA. The only thing you will need to bring to the meeting are any questions you have!

Although OEA does our best to ensure students are able to schedule an appointment within 10 days (2 weeks) of their initial disclosure. Due to the volume of disclosures and the limited staff during peak periods of the semester, at times, this process may take more time to complete.

There is no deadline for disclosing to OEA or for requesting to use approved accommodations in a given course. However, accommodations can only be applied to future assignments or exams; that is, they can’t be applied retroactively. Documentation submitted by you becomes the property of the OEA, and is retained on your behalf.  While copies of documents can be provided, original documents provided to OEA cannot be returned to you. If you choose not to complete the disclosure process with our office, any documentation you submit will be destroyed no sooner than six months from the date it was received.

Documentation is only accepted through the RAMS - Accommodate system. Any documentation submitted via other means will not be opened or returned.

Students who request an exception/exemption to WCU Policy (including housing, emotional support animals, parking, dining) should understand that completion of the form and submission of documentation is not an application for housing and does not guarantee housing or that an exception/exemption will be approved.  Students must first apply for housing, receive a housing assignment and complete a housing contract before any housing accommodation is considered.

WCU and OEA adhere to the American Medical Association's Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 1.2.1 regarding treating oneself or a member of one's own family. According to the AMA, treating oneself or a member of one's own family poses several challenges for physicians, including concerns about professional objectivity, patient autonomy, and informed consent. Medical documentation will not be accepted from a student's immediate family member.