Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin the process to receive classroom/academic accommodations?

Once a student has been formally accepted to West Chester University they can begin the 3-Step OSSD Disclosure Process:


Step 2: SUBMIT APPROPRIATE DOCUMENTATION (upon completion of online form, an email will be sent to your WCU email address that includes information about the type of documentation required and how to submit. ALL DOCUMENTATION MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL in PDF or WORD Document format to Please do not submit documentation as a photo

Step 3: ATTEND AN INITIAL MEETING (following receipt of appropriate documentation, the OSSD will contact you to schedule a one-on-one meeting). Accommodations issued during the meeting are effective on the date of the meeting or on the first day of the upcoming semester

Please note that accommodations are not retroactive and that documentation submitted by you or on behalf of you is the property of the OSSD and will not be returned to you. Please also note that if you choose not to contact our office, documentation submitted by you or on your behalf will be destroyed no earlier than six months from the date received.

The OSSD staff will work with the student to determine what accommodations are appropriate. Letters of Accommodation are emailed directly to students and explain the rights and responsibilities of the students under the laws along with a list of recommendations. Students are responsible for providing their Letter of Accommodation to each of their professors and for requesting to renew their Letter of Accommodation each semester.

What type of documentation do I need to submit to continue the OSSD Disclosure Process?

To view AHEAD Documentation Guidelines which will provide general information as well as specific information about the type of documentation needed: 

The following links address Disability-Specific Documentation Requirements:

How does a department or division arrange for a sign language interpreter?

Call the OSSD at 610-436-2517 with details about the event and the cost center to be charged for the event. We will make arrangements with Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre (DHCC) for sign language interpreters. You will find additional information on the DHCC website.

How do I file an accommodations appeal?

What is the policy for animals on campus?

How do I request special housing?

The OSSD provides classroom/academic accommodations. For special housing requests, students should contact Residence Life and Housing.

What is the policy for on-campus parking?

On-campus parking is managed by the Parking Services division of the WCU Public Safety Department; find information on the Parking Services website.  Hardship Parking permit information, including a Hardship Parking Permit Application, is available on the Parking Services website.  

Where can I find information about Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) and WCU's Drug-Free Campus Policy?

I am a high school/transfer student considering WCU… how can you help me?

You may be interested in attending a 30-minute OSSD information session via Zoom. Sessions are currently being scheduled 2:00 pm on the last Thursday of each month (availability subject to change). Student attendance is required, but parents and/or guardians are welcome. Scheduling in advance by email ( is required to attend a session.

I am already registered with the OSSD…

How do I renew my Letter of Accommodation?

It is the responsibility of the student to request that their LoA be renewed each semester by completing the online renewal form. Students who complete the form prior to the beginning of a semester should expect to receive their Letters of Accommodation via email prior to the beginning of the semester. During the semester, LoAs are usually sent, via email, within 3 business days of completion of the online form. If you believe you need any modifications to your current accommodations, you will need to schedule an appointment to meet with the director of the OSSD.

How do I use my testing accommodations?

Students are responsible for making arrangements with faculty for test accommodations. It is always preferable for students to take tests in close proximity to the professor in the case of problems. However, some students and faculty prefer to use the OSSD Test Proctoring Center (contact

Is the Proctoring Center open?

The Proctoring Center operates on a regular schedule during the Fall and Spring semesters.  You may contact to find out availability during Summer and Winter sessions.

How do I sign up for an academic coach?

Students who have accommodations with the OSSD may sign up to meet with an academic coach by completing the OSSD Student Services request form.

How do I sign up for a mindfulness coach?

Students who have accommodations with the OSSD may sign up to meet with a mindfulness coach by completing the OSSD Student Services request form.

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