Alternate Text Request Form

Please Read Carefully:

1. Alternative texts are available to students with disabilities who have received the required accommodation by the Director. Students without permission by the Director to receive alternative texts are not eligible to receive them.

2. Alternative texts are available in different formats, but most often are received in the form of a .PDF or Microsoft Word document. Please identify your preferences in the form.

3. The OSSD will attempt to obtain the materials for student use in as timely a manner as possible, but cannot guarantee the materials by a pre-determined date. The earlier a student submits a request the sooner the request can be processed. Some requests may take multiple weeks to process, so it is recommended the student submit requests six (6) weeks prior to the start of the semester.

4. The alternative text requests must be for textbook materials for that semester only. The student must resubmit requests one semester at a time.

5. For more information on how to use the alternative texts with accessible technology, please see the “Accessible Technology” page on OSSD, or contact the Technology Assistant (TA).

6. We ask students demonstrate proof of purchase of the required texts to OSSD. This is a copyright requirement. The student is responsible for the alternative text material.

7. Students who fulfill the requirements to receive texts and have read this information must submit an alternate text request form.