Request Accommodations with the OSSD

The following is the 3-Step process to request academic accommodations with the OSSD at WCU (see below for non-academic accommodations requests):

  1. COMPLETE THE ONLINE OSSD STUDENT DISCLOSURE FORM (form must be completed by the student ONLY)
    PLEASE NOTE If you will miss three (3) or more consecutive days of class, you may want to consider reaching out to the Office of Student Assistance to request that they provide a notification of absence to your classroom instructors. You can visit their website to complete the Request Instructor Notification for Absences form.
  2. SUBMIT APPROPRIATE DOCUMENTATION. Upon completion of the Student Disclosure form, you will receive an automatically-generated email that contains important information that you should read. Documentation must be submitted in either PDF or Word format only and sent to as an attachment using your WCU email account. The OSSD cannot accept password protected and/or third-party documentation.
  3. ATTEND A ONE-ON-ONE INITIAL MEETING: When your documentation has been reviewed and accepted into the OSSD workflow system, you will receive an email that explains how to schedule a one-on-one initial meeting with the OSSD Director. During your one-on-one meeting you will learn about the accommodations and services provided by the OSSD. The only thing you will need to bring to the meeting are any questions you have!

This process may take up to several weeks to complete and accommodations are not retroactive. Documentation submitted by you is the property of the OSSD and cannot be returned to you. If you choose not to contact our office, documentation submitted by you will be destroyed no sooner than six months from the date received. Any documentation submitted on your behalf will be returned to the sender and not retained by the OSSD.

(*) NON-ACADEMIC ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS Students who request non-academic accommodations (such as medically necessary room configurations and emotional support animals in WCU Managed housing, parking credit waivers dietary needs, and accessible on-campus shuttle service) should follow the 3-step process outlined above to initiate a request for a non-academic accommodation. Students who reside in USH Managed Housing should refer to for the most up to date information regarding housing and emotional support animal requests.


The OSSD Staff

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