Board Members

Dr. Tracey Robinson
Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Chancey Page
Assistant Director/Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives, Office for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dr. Christian Awuyah
Professor of English and Director of Frederick Douglass Institute

Dr. Francis Atuahene
Professor, Public Policy, and Administration

Dr. William Lalicker
Professor of English, Department of English

Dr. Eleanor Shevlin
Professor of English, Department of English

Dr. Gerardina Martin
Associate Professor and Assistant Director of Honors College

Dr. Martha Donkor
Professor of History, Department of History

Dr. Bridget Asempapa
Associate Professor of Counselor Education, Department of Counselor Education

Dr. Beatrice Adera
Professor and Chair of Special Education, Department of Special Education

Andria Young
Interim Executive Associate to the Interim VP for Student Affairs

Dr. Margaret Ottley
Professor of Kinesiology, Department of Kinesiology

Dr. la tonya thames-taylor
Associate Professor of History, Department of History

Dr. Hadih Deedat
Assistant Professor of Undergraduate Social Work, Department of Undergraduate Social Work

Dr. Jocelyn Manigo
Assistant Professor and Director of LARC

Dr. Tiffany Jones
Associate Professor and Learning Specialist of ASP

Dr. Omosehin Moyebi
Instructor, Department of Health

Dr. Jeremy McCool
Assistant Professor of Digital/Global Media, Department of Communication and Media

Dr. Ginneh Akbar
Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Graduate Social Work

Dr. Michael Burns
Associate Professor of English, Department of English

Dr. Nicholas Prephan
Assistant Professor,Department of Communication and Media

Sophia Vilceus
Assistant Professor, Department of English

Miriam Andoh
Graduate Assistant, Department of Public Health - Community Health

John Omole-Matthew
Department of Public Health