Sports Club Council Bylaws, Documents, Forms and Minutes


The Deposit Form should be used when depositing any money collected by team dues, fundraisers or donations. 


Payments - League Invoices, Referee and Reimbursements

The Payment Voucher Form should be used to pay for league fees, invoices, referees or reimbursement. Sport clubs can reimbursements for gas, tolls, or team necessities. 

Referee Payments - Please fill out both the Official Payment Form and the Payment Voucher Form to complete referee payments. These two forms should be attached and submitted to the SSI business office. 



The SCC Budget Request Form for FY 24 needs to be submitted to the RamConnect to the SCC by TBD.

Sport Clubs who have not attended an SCC Treasurer Training, have missed multiple General Body Meetings, have missed multiple Council of Orgs meetings, or who have not also submitted a copy of their request will be considered ineligible and will receive reduced or no funding from SCC for the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

Away Competitions

Pre-Travel form needs to be submitted at least 4 days prior to traveling with the accurate travel roster. Post-Travel form needs to be submitted at least 48 hours after returning to campus.


Hotels, Rental Cars, Plane Tickets

If teams need to purchase hotel rooms, rental cars and/or plane tickets, please fill out the travel card pre-authorization form. Once the form is completed a member of the SCC will contact you.

Student Drivers

Driver Attest form needs to be submitted by all club members that have a car on campus.

Driver Attest Form

Every sport club member is required to fill out these three forms annually. If new members joins in the Spring semester they are also required to fill these forms.

If any member of a sport club team is injured during a practice or competition then an executive board member must fill out the Injury Report Form within 24 hours of injury. 

SCC Handbook

SCC Handbook

SCC Minutes

SCC General Body Minutes

For any questions regarding the minutes, please contact the SCC President,