Campus Facilities - Sykes Usage and Reservation Policy

Place Reservation with 25Live

You may sign in to 25Live on the top right-hand side of the screen using your network username (do not put at the end) and your network password.

When you sign in, you'll be on the "home" dashboard. You can customize this screen. We encourage you to "star" frequently used locations for quick access. A list of all meeting spaces in Sykes Student Union describing their capacities and locations is available online.

To find a space for your event, you can use the "Find Available Locations" search in the middle of your home page. You can search:

  • the time you would like your event to occur, or
  • the space where you would like your event to be held.

Double click your preferred location or time for your event. The event wizard will open with your selection.

To request an event without using search, click the “Event Form” button on the top of your home screen. Fill out the request form in its entirety and click "finish" at the end to submit your event for approval. Your event and space are not approved until you receive an email "confirming" your request.

Audio / Visual and Computer Equipment
If you plan to use an audio, video, computer or any other equipment please inform us when you make a request for a room. You can edit room set ups when you select your location, as well as request resources like laptops, microphones and sound systems right on 25Live.

Please note: When you submit an event request you are affirming that you have read the Program Planning Guide and your event will follow the policies within.

Assignment of Space
Reservations are confirmed based on space availability. Groups will be assigned to space based on the information provided on their 25Live request. Sykes Student Union reserves the right to reassign rooms to best accommodate all groups. 

Detailed policy information may be found on the Sykes Student Union website.