Campus Recreation

At West Chester University, Campus Recreation is the primary destination for the Golden Ram community to engage in recreation, social, leisure, and wellness-orientated programs and services. Blending components of well-being with the co-curricular educational experience, it is our mission to assist each person in exceeding academic goals while establishing healthy, lifetime behaviors. 

Below is a brief description of each of the recreational components which make up our department. For additional, detailed information, contact the Campus Recreation Office in the Student Recreation Center or 610-436-1732.


Collaborating with the Department of Athletics, Campus Recreation provides two options for informal, recreational swimming: the Hollinger pool on North Campus and the Sturzebecker pool on South Campus. Individuals must present their current, valid WCU ID for admittance to either location. Current hours of operation

Intramural Sports

The intramural sports program at West Chester University is based on student interest and provides every student with an opportunity to participate in team and individual competition. The program offers divisional play for men, women, and co-recreational teams in many different activities. With over 20 different leagues, tournaments, or one-day special events offered each academic semester we believe our intramural sports program offers a variety of attractive activities for each student. For more information refer to:

Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs, which are competitive, recreational, and instructional in nature, provide an opportunity for students with similar sports interests to enjoy these activities together. West Chester currently has 25 club sports which are coordinated through Campus Recreation. Individuals participating in any of these programs may compete regionally and nationally against other universities. For more information refer to:

Outdoor Adventure Pursuits Program

Do you have an adventurous spirit or are looking to expand your knowledge of the great outdoors? If so then we encourage you to join Campus Recreation and become a member of our Outdoor Adventure Pursuits program. With over six diverse outdoor trips ranging from one to multi-day excursions, these trips include such activities as backpacking, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, white-water rafting, skiing and much more. We believe our Outdoor Adventure Pursuits programs is the perfect answer to getting away from the stress of campus and enjoying the relaxing beauty of the surrounding region. For more information please refer to:

Group Fitness

Campus Recreation provides a variety of Group Fitness classes which include high- and low-impact, toning, cross training, body sculpting, boot camp, cardio-blast, yoga and speed cycling. The hours vary throughout the day and evening depending on instructor availability. There is no additional fee for participation in our group fitness program; however, limited spots are available in each studio and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information refer to:

Informal Recreation

Informal recreation activities are programs primarily provided at the Student Recreation Center. These activities are unstructured in nature and allow for members to shape their personal fitness and recreational experiences. Activities which commonly take place through the informal recreation program include; bouldering or climbing on our 34 ft. tall climbing wall, playing sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, pickleball and floor hockey.  Personal fitness through strength and conditioning equipment, running/jogging on our 1/10 mile indoor track, or socializing and grabbing a healthy snack at the juice bar. For more information refer to:

Lifestyle Nutrition

Through Lifestyle Nutrition, Campus Recreation provides educational information on how to establish a healthy and balanced diet while utilizing various campus resources. From nutrition counseling and educational presentations to supporting various special events, Lifestyle Nutrition can help the WCU campus community better understand how to create healthy eating habits in support of achieving academic and fitness goals. For information please refer to:

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