The Career Development Center will be positioned and valued as an innovative campus-wide strategy that completes the university's mission by democratizing access to resources, knowledge, connections, and opportunities for diverse students, alumni, and employers.


The Twardowski Career Development Center serves as the bridge connecting students and alumni to the professional world, introducing them to who they can become.

Commitment to inclusion

We invite students, alumni, and employers to bring their full identities, and express themselves without fear of judgement, to every interaction with the Career Development Center. We strive to be a space where those with which we work feel seen, heard, respected, and provided every opportunity to be successful.

Team Values

Communication | The Twardowski Career Development Center views communication as being transparent, cooperative, and accountable.  Therefore, we will approach all interactions with an intentional asset-based mindset.

Acceptance | The Twardowski Career Development Center is committed to understanding, respecting, and accepting individual and collective purpose and capacity. 

Fun | The Twardowski Career Development Center values finding joy and humor in what we do and how we deliver our services, whether strengthening the bonds of the team, or engaging students and alumni in their career development. 

Empathy | The Twardowski Career Development Center prioritizes building a foundation of trust and understanding across the university, extending grace and compassion to ourselves and to others. 


Staff Directory

Jennifer Rossi Long

Jennifer Rossi Long

(610) 436-2511

Liaison to

  • The Alumni Association
  • The Office of Admissions
  • The West Chester University Foundation 
  • Student Success and Retention
  • Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Parent & Family Relations
  • University Marketing
  • External Affairs

Career Development Center Email

Phyllis Schoen

Phyllis Schoen

Associate Director for Employer Engagement
(610) 436-2934

  • Leads employer initiatives, including the Campus Recruiting Program, Career Fairs, Meet Ups, and other employer-related programs

Department Liaison

  • Center for Civic Engagement & Social Impact
Kate Shellaway

Kate Shellaway

Associate Director
(610) 436-2540

Academic Liaison for

  • College of Arts and Humanities
  • University College - Pre-Major Academic Advising & Academic Success Program (ASP)

Department Liaison for

  • Athletics
  • Student Leadership & Involvement
  • Center for Women & Gender Equity
  • Wellness Promotion
Amber Pleasants

Amber Pleasants

Associate Director
(610) 430-5880

Academic Liaison for

  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Science & Mathematics

Liaison for

  • Veterans Center
  • Office of Educational Accessibility
  • Counseling Center
  • Transfer Students
Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker

Assistant Director
(610) 436-2522

Academic Liaison for

  • College of Business & Public Management

Department Liaison for

  • Center for Trans & Queer Advocacy
  • Global Engagement Office
  • The Graduate School/Graduate Student Association
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life
Yessica Gutierrez

Yessica Gutierrez

Assistant Director
(610) 436-2758

Academic Liaison for

  • College of Education and Social Work
  • Wells School of Music

Liaison for

  • The Dub-C Autism Program
  • The Dowdy Multicultural Center
  • New Student Programs
  • The Philadelphia Campus
Mekiyah Pernell

Mekiyah Pernell

Recruiting & Events Coordinator
(610) 436-2502

  • Member of the Employer Engagement and Events Team
  • Oversees the On Campus Interviewing Program, Information Tables, and logistics for recruiting and networking events
Tara Kerrigan

Tara Kerrigan

Office Assistant
(610) 436-2501

About Our Name

The Twardowski Career Development Center was named on May 6, 2000 to honor the legacy of its founding director and West Chester alumnus Dr. Edward T. Twardowski, known as "Dr. T." An endowment was created through a leadership gift from the Twardowski family and others who knew Dr. T to support programs and services that assist students and alumni in securing employment and rewarding careers.

Dr. Edward T. Twardowski, Class of 1942, served West Chester University for more than 25 years as an alumnus, teacher, counselor, coach, mentor, and colleague. After receiving his bachelor's degree from West Chester, he received a master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a doctorate from Temple University.

Dr. Twardowski was a member of the health and physical education faculty and made a major contribution to the lives of many future teachers and to West Chester sports history. He was the popular coach of championship swim teams from 1952 until 1960 and served for several years as a tennis coach and as the first-year students football coach.

Dr. Twardowski was also a Fulbright scholar in Columbia and received the Distinguished Faculty and Meritorious Teaching awards while on the faculty of West Chester. As one who was especially concerned for students' welfare, Dr. Twardowski founded the Career Development Center and served for 11 years as its first director.


Annual Reports

The career center provides a range of services and programs that actively engage students, alumni, and employers each year. The annual report provides a summary of appointment volume, presentations and workshop attendance, and job and internship recruiting activity.

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