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Counseling Center on D2L

How to Enroll

Click HERE to enroll in the Counseling Center page on D2L. Under the “Content” tab, you’ll have access to self-paced Ram Plan courses. Students can get credit for the Ram Plan by completing the video module and quiz for each course.

Courses Offered

Seeking Counseling: When? How? Who?

This Ram Plan course describes what counseling is and how you might determine if you’d want to try it out. Learn what you can expect from counseling and how to best use it, while challenging some of the common myths about counseling.

All About Anxiety Workshop

Anxiety is a very common presenting problem in college students. This workshop will allow you to learn about stress management, anxiety, and self-care strategies. You will also be able to recognize symptoms of anxiety disorders and will be provided information on how to seek services at the Counseling Center. This workshop is based on a group intervention offered by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at the Pennsylvania State University. The materials are used with permission from the psychologist, Dr. Shannan Smith-Janik, who designed the group intervention. 


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