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1. Off-Campus Housing Website Search

OCCS hosts a FREE Off-Campus Housing Website for students to find off-campus housing, search for roommates, and secure subletting opportunities.

Note: This listing of rental units is provided exclusively for West Chester University STUDENTS. The University does not approve, investigate, or endorse the listed properties. For protection, prospective tenants are advised to acquaint themselves thoroughly with the rental units listed before signing any lease agreement.

2. Carefully Consider Roommate(s)

Finding a compatible roommate is important! Take as much time and care in choosing your roommate(s) as choosing where you live. Consider using the links below to support your search for  potential roommate(s): 

3. Tour Houses and Apartments

Be sure to visit the ACTUAL unit you are interested in leasing! Consider talking to current tenants to see if they have had any issues with the unit, appliances, or the property owner. Use the links below to assist you in your touring process:

4. Learn Key Lease Language

Joint and Several Liability: Indicates that all tenants are responsible for the entire rental amount and any damages caused to the property. For example:

  •  If one of your housemates decides to move out in the middle of the year without finding a replacement tenant, your landlord can still require that you pay the total rental amount
  • If there is damage to the unit, the landlord can hold you all responsible, even if only one of your housemates caused the damage.

Co-signer/Guarantor: Someone who signs the lease, usually for financial situations, and is liable for the terms in the lease

Security Deposit: Money paid upon signing the lease intended to cover any unpaid rent or damage to the unit. Note: Typically, equal to one month’s rent and returned at the end of the lease period, minus unpaid rent and the costs of damage and repair.

Renter’s Insurance: Protects your belongings from loss, theft, and damage, as your property owner’s insurance only covers damage to their property or injuries that occur outside of the unit. Note: A family member’s homeowner’s insurance will often cover a dependent’s apartment. Also, if you have a personal vehicle, you can get renter’s insurance from the same company that provides your car insurance!

Sublease: An agreement between a tenant on the original lease and another person who was not on the original lease (the sublessee). The agreement states that the sublessee will take over the tenant’s lease for a specified duration. Note: Generally, property owners do not have separate contracts with
the sublessee.


5. Review Your Responsibilities

Guidelines and regulations govern the property owner/tenant relationship. It is important to understand these responsibilities outlined below to have a positive leasing experience:

Property owner responsibilities include:

  • Keeping premises in a good and safe condition
  • Performing maintenance and making all necessary repairs
  • Regulating conduct of occupants
  • Promptly replying to complaints and inquiries from occupants

Tenant responsibilities include:

  • Compliance with all laws, codes, and ordinances
  • Depositing all garbage and recyclables into containers in a clean and safe manner
  • Not disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of adjacent and nearby premises
  • Not intentionally causing damage to the premises

6. Self Advocate

If you see issues or needed upgrades, discuss each specific item with the property owner and put requests in writing! You can advocate for changes to the lease prior to signing related to rent price, parking, termination clauses, subletting, maintenance, storage, etc. Note: If you ask for more, there is a strong chance you may get more!

7. Meet with Student Legal Aid

Before you sign your lease, schedule a FREE 15-minute appointment with an attorney to review the lease agreement! Click the link below to learn more and schedule your appointment. 

8. Use your OCCS Resources

Have additional questions? Contact Off-Campus and Commuter Services at to set up an appointment.