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  • Nervous about sharing a room with someone you just met? You're not alone!
  • Excited to share a room and get to know someone you just met? You're not alone either!
  • No matter  how you feel about  sharing a room with someone new, your roommate experience will teach you something about yourself, relationships and community.
  • The important thing to remember is that you and your roommate are both experiencing all that college has to offer for the first time--together!


For first-year students, roommate selection takes place between May and July each year.  Your WCU email will be packed with all the info you need to know about roommate selection, important due dates, and even a helpful move-in checklist!

Already have a roommate in mind?

You can request to live with another incoming student on your Housing Application (yes--even as a first-year student!).

Don’t have a roommate in mind?

Not to worry.  WCU-Managed and USH offer roommate matching programs that allow students to fill out a bio, answer a questionnaire, and connect with other students. At the end of each year, students fill out satisfaction surveys about their roommates and matched roomies often get the best scores!


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