Update (03/2014): Chinese students can now take the Placement Test as well. Please visit the Placement Test site.

Anyone who is interested in experiencing one of the most ancient languages and the most spoken languages in the world is welcome to take our first and second year language courses. Third year language course is also available.

Language is indispensable from culture. While China is playing more and more important roles in International Affairs, learning Chinese gives you an insider's view of China. As a large country that has a history of 5000 years, China makes a great contribution to human civilization, including but not limited to linguistics, philosophy, religion, art, literature and medical science. Chinese language and culture is very different as compared to those in Western languages and cultures. However, the very difference can only add a new perspective of better understand your own.

The department offers Chinese courses at the elementary (CHI101 & CHI 102), the intermediate (CHI 201 & CHI 202) and the advanced (CHI 301 & CHI 302) levels. Each Chinese language course is a 3-credit course and requires 2 or 3 classes each week.

CHI 101 & 102: Introduction to elementary Mandarin Chinese with focus on hearing, speaking, reading and writing to develop basic competence. Emphasis is on integration of all language skills.

CHI 201 & 202: Intermediate Mandarin Chinese with advanced pronunciation, emphasis on intensive conversation and reading comprehension. Further development of linguistic proficiency is enhanced with increased reading and writing skills.

CHI 301 & 302: Third year Mandarin Chinese studies continue the focus on four aspects of language skills and help expand the students' understanding of important linguistic structures. Students will be exposed intensively to both traditional and simplified Chinese characters, and gradually introduced to the formal written style expressions, in addition to expressions of spoken style.

Immersion Chinese language study is available in the third summer session at the WCU campus. It is an intensive program targeting improving conversational skills for beginning and intermediate Chinese learners. The program is open to local high school and college students and WCU students. For students who complete the program, a certificate will be issued to high school students and 3 credits will be granted to college students.

A study abroad program in China, coordinated with Guizhou University, WCU's partner University in China, has been successfully developed. Students have the opportunity to study not only the Chinese language but also Chinese cultural heritage including history, sociology and art. Expert professors and guest speakers also introduce Chinese politics and the economy in today's China. Financial assistance is available through the West Chester Foundation. Other study abroad programs are being developed or co-developed with other departments and will be available soon.

The Chinese Club gathers biweekly. We plan cultural activities, trips, movies and games; we set up major Chinese festival celebrations; we practice the language at the Chinese corner. Check the Chinese Club webpage or contact the Chinese professor and advisor for the Chinese Club listed at the top of this page, for further information.




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