Placement Test

The Placement test serves two functions:

  1. The Placement test can be used as part of the process to determine whether students can satisfy their language requirement. While the placement test cannot be used as the only tool to make this determination, it is the starting point for this conversation with the Department. Students who wish to take the online placement test to explore whether they might qualify to satisfy the language requirement must take it onsite in the Language Learning Center in Mitchell Hall (Room 006A); no exceptions. The only scores that will be accepted are those achieved through onsite testing in the LLC.

    To use their test results in the manner explained above, students must sign up personally to take the test in the LLC. Students can arrange to come in to the LLC to take the test by scheduling an appointment by phone (610-436-2328), or by email to the director of the LLC, Marlies Persch. She will provide instructions and the times when the test will be administered on site in the LLC.

    IMPORTANT: The placement test is not a language proficiency test: it is merely used as a tool to place students in the correct language level. It cannot be used to test out of a language requirement or to show proficiency in a language unless coupled with other sources of evidence (a departmental language translation test, information about the student's linguistic background, etc.), as determined by the Department of Languages and Cultures.

    Testing out of the language requirement does not award you academic credit; academic credit is available through the CLEP test (only for French, German or Spanish) or Credit by Examination (CBE). Please note that, as of Fall 2015, WCU will only transfer CLEP credit up to the 201 language level. If using CLEP credits up to the 201 level, students must still complete the 202 level (via credit by examination, departmental translation test or regular course completion) to satisfy their language requirement. Please see the department chair about signing up for CLEP and/or CBE, or for the translation exam for students who are competent speakers of languages other than those offered by the Department of Languages and Cultures.

    When you test out of the language requirement, this information is sent to the Registrar's Office, your department chair and advisor.

  2. Students wishing to take the placement test to determine the course or particular level at which they should begin their language study should also contact Mrs. Persch for procedures for equivalency placement. For testing for placement purposes only, in Chinese, French, German, Russian or Spanish, students may use the following site:

Before taking the test, please send an email to Marlies Persch with the following information:

  • Foreign languages studied
  • Courses taken in the language and grades received
  • How many years?

Minors and concentration majors in a language must still complete the full number of courses required by the department, regardless of their beginning level of study.