Academic Success Workshops

The Academic Success Workshop (ASW) is a program designed to help teach students general study and college transition skills which are applicable to all courses and programs of study.

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If you would like assistance from a success coach on a specific topic, make an appointment on our Success Coaching page

Learn how to navigate online learning to make the most of your semester.

Examine strategies to help you better prepare for course work and exams and discuss methods to help alleviate test anxiety.

Learn to identify your learning style, discuss effective planning for class, and explore various note taking methods.

  • Note Taking College Edition: YouTube

Gives students the tools needed to set SMART goals. Students have the opportunity to examine their strengths and weaknesses and use them to plan, execute, and evaluate goals.

Discuss the importance of sleep, positivity, nutrition, and the importance of treating yourself.


Other Helpful Sites

Dartmouth College Academic Skills Centers

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Top Smartphone Apps

1. JotNotPro (note taking) - The app allows you to take a picture of text and turn it into a PDF file.
2. CourseSmart (textbooks) - The app allows iPhone users to read books purchased through its online service.
3. GoodReader and Evernote (scholarly article reading) - The app allows readers to highlight and take notes on any PDF saved to the system.



Read our students' feedback!

  • “I was really struggling to find my way around this college. I was in a really rough spot when I emailed Rita for help. She met with me and paired me up with a success coach within the week. I feel better every time I leave my sessions and more confident in my abilities to navigate college. ”

    Natalie, Class of 2023

  • “Success coaching helped make my first semester less stressful, I felt like it was good to have someone guide me through it. I felt more prepared and less flustered.”

    Juliet, Class of 2023

  • “Tyler has helped me tremendously! She always answers my questions and makes me feel more confident about the path I am taking. She never turns down a meeting or a chance to help!”Maria, Class of 2024

  • “She helped me very very much words cannot describe. I would not be as organized as I am right now she really kept me on track. I loved meeting with her each week.”

    Kathryn, Class of 2023

  • “They helped me to understand how college works more and keep my life organized.”

    Grace, Class of 2023

  • “Definitely helped me grow as a person. I was able to come to a comfortable space and talk about how school is but also life. I appreciate the feeling of knowing someone is there and helped [make] my freshman year easier”

    Jalyss, Class of 2023