Dianna Dixon DPA '20

“The Doctor of Public Administration program had allowed me to become a better researcher. I have an interest in ensuring a fair and equitable banking system. This program has allowed me to research relevant banking topics, including access by the unbanked and the underbanked to traditional banking products and services as well as alternative financial services providers.”

Emily Devereux DPA ‘20

“The DPA program has been life changing and took me in a more federally focused approach in my career. I have always loved working in higher education and research administration, and this program has helped me to further my knowledge and application of aligning strategic research initiatives in academia with federal priorities and funding mechanisms.” 

Dr. Jill L. Creighton DPA '20 

"Earning my doctorate from WCU will serve as an essential key to my professional future. I work in the higher education sector, in which the majority of public administrators in my area enter with a master’s degree. Senior leadership in my profession requires an earned doctorate for most positions. By earning my doctorate, I am able to establish not only a professional grounding for my current professional position, but also a bright future with opportunities to lead higher education student affairs administration at senior levels of leadership." 

Tim Denning DPA '20

"I hope that the DPA will help me demonstrate a true mastery of public administration, and allow me to be considered for high level positions within government.  Further, if I am fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to serve at a high level of government, the DPA, I feel, will have prepared me well to take on the challenges that I will face there, as I will be armed with a combination of theory, analytical skills, and practical knowledge that I honed in the DPA Program. " 

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