Because of the breadth and depth of the WCU accounting curriculum, our graduates are armed with the requisite foundational knowledge to succeed on the CPA and CMA examinations and/or commence a progressive career in any business field.

In order to assist students in making appropriate career choices, the university's Twardowski Career Development Center provides various career-related services to members of the university community. Services provided by the Career Development Center include resume review, career fairs, resume referral, workshops and on-campus interviews.

Our established accounting internship program provides practical training to accounting students while they are still in school. This initiative has significantly contributed to our post-graduation job placement rate of almost 100%.


The Accounting program allows for, and encourages, an internship program through which students connect classroom instructions with practice. Students in the Accounting program are granted up to 6 credits towards their graduation requirements for approved internship programs. A total of 12 credits of internship credits can be taken as a student at West Chester University.

A minimum of 180 hours of internship experience is required in order to earn 3 credits for the internship. A 6 credit internship - considered a co-op - requires a minimum of 360 hours. To date, all internships have been paid positions. Internships can be undertaken for credit in the Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters.

Internship opportunities are available either through the Career Development Center services, the student's personal job search efforts, or Accounting faculty referrals.

Study Abroad

West Chester University's Study Abroad Program offers students an incredible opportunity and an unforgettable experience to see another culture, language, environment, and education system, while still being able to graduate on time.

Expand your worldview and gain a global mindset while being exposed to different cultures, meeting a diverse range of people, and making lifelong friends.

WCU and CBPM offer study abroad programs during every semester. To find out more about this once in a lifetime opportunity, please visit the Global Engagement Office website.

Alumni Achievements

CPA Examination

Department alumni were recognized for their excellence in the CPA examination:

  • 2018 - James Hodson (Top 10 Score in Pennsylvania)
  • 2016 - Christopher Whittall (Top 10 Score in Pennsylvania)
  • 2012 - Matthew Whitall (Top 10 Score in Pennsylvania)
  • 2003 - Jodi Benjamin (Certificate of Merit)
  • 2002 - Nicole Kline (Outstanding Achievement in the State of Delaware)
  • 2002 - Jamine Hunsberger (Certificate of Merit)
  • 1997 - Christine Singer (Gold Medal)
  • 1995 - Rebecca Hickey (Certificate of Merit)
  • 1989 - Priscilla Press (Nee Schmiechen) (Certificate of Merit)
  • 1988 - Steve Ritter (Certificate of Merit)
  • 1986 - Paula Klass (Certificate of Merit)
  • 1984 - Daniel Brownstein (Certificate of Merit)

Awards for excellence on CPA examination to these WCU accounting alumni included:

  • Gold Medal - Highest score in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Certificate of Merit - Top 5 candidates in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

New Information about CPA Exam

AACSB Accreditation

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