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Welcome to the
Business Analytics Program!

In a world where data is generated at an unprecedented pace, understanding this data and leveraging it to make informed decisions has become paramount for businesses. Welcome to our new Business Analytics program, where we believe that data is more than just numbers and statistics – it's the new language of business. In this era of digital transformation, businesses that can fluently speak this language, interpret its nuances, and craft actionable insights are the ones that thrive. Our program is your passport to mastering this language and unlocking a world of opportunities in the dynamic landscape of modern business.

Program Highlights

Real-World Application: Our program places a strong emphasis on practical, real-world experiences, empowering students to apply their skills and knowledge to address tangible business challenges

Interdisciplinary Excellence: Designed to seamlessly integrate with double majors within a 121-credit curriculum, our program fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, equipping students with a broader skill set and a holistic view of business analytics.

Cutting-Edge Technology Proficiency: Students master the latest technologies and tools, such as Python, Tableau, SQL, and ArcGIS, ensuring they stay ahead in the dynamic field of business analytics.

Elective Diversity: Select from a diverse range of 15 electives spanning 7 specialized programs, enabling students to customize their education to align perfectly with their individual career aspirations and personal interests.

GIS Integration: Our program incorporates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into our curriculum, infusing a distinctive dimension into students' analytical skills and granting them a competitive edge in the realm of data-driven decision-making.

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Featured Business Analytics Courses

Our courses are meticulously structured to equip students with knowledge and skills that transcend the classroom, seamlessly integrating into real-world scenarios. With an unwavering commitment to hands-on, practical learning, we place a strong emphasis on actively acquiring skills that find immediate and direct application in real-world settings.

Database Management: MKT 368

Database management is the bedrock of data analytics, as it establishes the framework for data collection, storage, organization, and the assurance of data quality and accessibility. This course equips you with the essential knowledge of processes, technologies, and best practices crucial for proficient SQL-based database management.

Data Manipulation: FIN 336

Data manipulation serves as the crucial link between raw data and valuable insights. It involves the meticulous process of refining and structuring data, rendering it both practical and actionable for informed decision-making. This course empowers you with fundamental knowledge of data manipulation in the Python programming environment, encompassing data integration, transformation, exploration, aggregation, visualization, and introductory data analysis.

Data Mining: FIN 385

Data mining is a powerful transformative process that empowers us to extract invaluable insights from vast datasets, steering us towards enhanced decision-making, trend recognition, and the ability to predict future outcomes. In this course, we delve into the application of a diverse range of data mining techniques, including linear models, Discriminant Analysis, Support Vector Machines, k-Nearest Neighbors, Regression Trees, and Neural Nets.

Data Visualization and Data Ethics: MGT 411

In today's data-centric landscape, the ability to communicate insights through compelling visuals is a coveted skill. This course delves into the dynamic duo of Data Visualization and Data Ethics. Data Visualization with Tableau serves as the gateway to translating complex data into clear, impactful graphics that inform, engage, and persuade. Additionally, ethical considerations surrounding data usage, privacy, and responsible practices are explored, ensuring that your data-driven decisions are not only informed but also ethically sound.

Capstone Course: BUA 400

In this capstone course, we aim to bridge the chasm between theory and practice by infusing the latest industry experiences and cutting-edge technologies directly into students' educational journel. Within this dynamic environment, students are not only exposed to hands-on experiences in current industry trends but are also empowered to harness this knowledge through an engaging capstone project. This course is strategically designed as the launching pad toward industry readiness, endowing students with the essential skills and expertise to flourish within the constantly evolving professional landscape.

Location Analytics: GEO 325

In this specialized course, we integrate the capabilities of location-based data and analytics with the complexities of the business landscape. Within this learning environment, students will delve into the ways Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies are harnessed to unveil invaluable insights, streamline operations, and elevate decision-making across diverse industries. Anchoring our approach in practical applications, students will actively acquire hands-on expertise in utilizing the spatial dimension of data to tackle genuine business challenges.

Accounting Analytics: ACC 330

In the rapidly evolving business landscape of today, the role of accountants has extended far beyond traditional financial reporting. This course is meticulously crafted to provide students with a profound understanding of how data and analytics are reshaping the domain of accounting. Through hands-on, project-oriented computer-based assignments, students will immerse themselves in the dynamic interplay between accounting principles and data analytics, empowering themselves with the skills essential to thrive in the modern accounting profession.


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