Dr. Thomas Andrews

Thomas Andrews


Dr. Thomas Andrews is a Professor in the Department of Economics and Finance at West Chester University. Dr. Andrews earned his Ph.D. degree at Temple University and is a West Chester University alumnus. Dr. Andrews has served WCU for more than 20 years, including terms as President of Faculty Senate and as an executive member of the Curriculum and Policy Committee. His teaching interests are in microeconomics, environmental economics, industrial organization, applied econometrics, the use of gamification and simulations for instruction of economic principles, and the application of technology for instruction. Dr. Andrews' areas of research include a variety of applied microeconomic subjects including equity in education, state lotteries, Ebay and pedagogy for microeconomics. He has published articles in various journals such as the Journal of Economic Education, Atlantic Economic Journal, Journal of the Northeastern Association of Business, Economics and Technology.


  • B.S., West Chester University
  • M.A., Temple University
  • Ph.D., Temple University

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