Leadership Minor

Civic and Professional Leadership (CPL)

The minor provides a vehicle for students to engage in leadership study. The program offers intellectual learning communities where students from multiple disciplinary areas can identify and acquire an understanding of leadership theory and leadership skills. For centuries people believed leaders were born and not made and most often came from places of privilege and/or nobility. Today's theoretical understanding of leadership debunks this antiquated notion and sees everyone with leadership potential and leadership as a set of teachable theory and practice. Vocations from a wide an inclusive spectrum prize individuals who show willingness to knowledgeably step forward and demonstrate civic engagement.

The minor in Civic and Professional Leadership Studies, housed in the Honors College, welcomes all students on campus.

Any student may apply for the minor if they complete HON 110 or CPL 120 – Leadership Theories for Today’s Societies with a C+ or better.

*Students who served as Discussion Leaders [DL] for HON 110 can apply for a waiver;

  • Beyond HON 110 and/or CPL 120, to receive the minor, students need to complete:
    • A minimum of three HON seminars
    • A 300-level CPL seminar allowing students to directly focus leadership lessons within their academic majors

A Word from Professor Zachary Wooten about the International Leadership Association

This month I attended the International Leadership Association’s virtual conference. Representing more than 60 countries, the ILA is committed to advancing leadership knowledge and practice by creating a trusted space for leadership learning across boundaries and providing a trusted source of leadership resources. I am proud to say that this year I had the opportunity to work with the ILA to send two student volunteers from WCU to the conference. Jordan Avallone and Ronan McDermott represented WCU by serving as international student leadership volunteers, going through volunteer training with ILA staff and committing hours of their time to serving as virtual hosts at conference presentations from scholars around the world. Here’s what they had to say about the experience:

Ronan McDermott

a sophomore Secondary English Education Major with a Minor in Civic and Professional Leadership shared, “My experience as a room host for the International Leadership Association was enlightening and empowering. Volunteering for this organization allowed me to network within the circle of leadership studies and beyond, as well as learn a great amount about the current discussions within the leadership field."

Jordan Avallone

a first-year Pharmaceutical Product Development Major with plans to Minor in Civic and Professional Leadership, saw many connections between her experience at the conference and her leadership education at WCU. She told me, “I saw many connections from HON 352 such as servant leadership and leadership development amongst students…I also was heavily impacted by the openness and kindness of the presenters on most panels.”


Civic & Professional Leadership Spotlights


  •  CIVIC & LEADERS Meet... Holly! What was your first experience as a leader? My first true experience was as an Orientation Leader here at WCU! I learned how to be more independent and flexible as well as how to lead a large group. WCU WEST CHESTER College of Business and Public Management MARKETING Def OAK Meet... Holly! Why do you value leadership? Involving myself in leadership has given me the chance to be the change I want to see in the world! Fun Fact? I can name almost all the countries on the map HOLLY LIEBENBERG MAJOR: MARKETING MINORS: CIVIC AND PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP What are you engaged/involved with on or off campus? The Abbé Society President, Mu Kappa Tau Secretary, Alice's Circle, Omicron Delta Kappa, Marketing Intern at DevaCurl

    Holly Lienbenberg

  • MAJOR: FINANCE AND ECONOMICS; MINORS: CIVIC AND PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP. What was your first experience as a leader? I would say playing sports growing up as a kid, always trying to be vocal and create a environment where everyone got along! Why do you value leadership? I value leadership because it's instrumental in maintaining social order, promoting justice, and ensuring the well-being of community. Who is the leader you look up to the most? Marcus Arrelius What are you engaged involved with on or off campus? Work study with Dr. Wooten for the CPL Minor, self employed barber, working with the Rendell Center for Civics and Civic Engagement, and playing rec sports with friends

    Matt McSweeney

  • MAJOR: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - DATA             ANALYTICS & BUSINESS PROCESSES; MINORS: MUSIC, & CIVIC AND PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP. What was your first experience as a leader? My first experience as a leader was being a part of student government in middle school and high school, where we worked a lot with faculty and upper administration! RS Why do you value leadership? I value leadership because one leader can change an entire dynamic within a community, so it's important for all leaders to know 8 possess certain qualities of a great leader.Who is the leader you look up to the most? My sister! What are you engaged involved with on or off campus? Leadership Consultant through the Office of SLI, President of Club Swimming, Visual Section Leader in Incomparable Golden Rams Marching Band (IGRMB), Saxbys Ambassador

    Julia Barrett

  • MAJOR: PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ANALYTICS & BUSINESS PROCESSES, MINORS; BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY AND CIVIC AND PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP. What was your first experience as a leader? ¡initiated my leadership journey by virtually participating in the International Leadership Association Conference Engaging with global leadership theorists, I assisted in facilitating virtual sessions, gaining valuable academic insights. What are you engaged involved with on or off campus? Honors Student Association, Colleges Against Cancer, Community Engagement Scholar for HON311, Certified Trainer at Saxbys Why do you value leadership? Because it is up to a leader to organize and inspire others in order to make change. Studying leadership allows me to take methods and ideas from various theories in order to be an effective leader in a multitude of situations. A Fun Fact? 1 am from the same hometown as Bruce Springsteen!

    Jordan Avallone

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