Emergency Alert Notifications: Primary Communications


The official source for continuously updated emergency information, directions and instructions, and relevant information is the WCU homepage.

During an emergency, the WCU Homepage will carry the initial emergency notification, which will convey only the most critical information. As the situation or emergency unfolds, the University will post interim announcements and/or instructions on the homepage.

Text Messages

The University's WCU ALERT system can send messages to any device that can receive text message (SMS) through cellular service, such as cell phones, text pagers, BlackBerrys, and some wireless PDAs. In addition, you can also opt to have the messages sent to your e-mail address.

The University has created a well-defined set of situations that would prompt an emergency text message and this system will only be activated when there is a critical need to transmit urgent information to the campus community. Due to the limitations of text messaging, messages will be very brief and contain only vital and immediate information. More information about an emergency message will be made available through the other forms of communication available to the university, including messages posted to www.wcupa.edu, broadcast e-mails, and announcements to local media

Email System

WCU-assigned email addresses for employees and students will be used as one of the primary communication methods for Priority 1 major emergency alerts. West Chester University faculty, staff, and students must activate and maintain regular access to University-provided electronic email accounts. Departments that supervise employees or students with limited or unavailable computer resources are responsible for providing alternative notification systems for these employees and/or students.

Information and Assistance Line

West Chester University will place a recorded message on the Information line 610-436-1000. The WCU homepage will always carry the most updated emergency information and the University community is advised to continually check the homepage as the emergency or situation unfolds.

External Notification System

The External Notification System sound alert means that there is a significant emergency on campus, a potentially dangerous condition, or impending threat. Examples of these significant emergencies would be a person with a gun, flooding, a large building fire with toxic smoke, a chemical release into the air, a HAZMAT incident, or the approach of severe weather.

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