CANDIDATE SERVICES - Social Work Candidacy Process

Social Work Candidacy

Candidacy is the application process which all undergraduate Social Work students must complete in order to progress academically in their major and be admitted to a field course and site placement.  Prior to applying to Candidacy, students progress academically through Pre-Candidacy; generally the first two years of general education and pre-candidacy coursework.



  • Complete Social Work Pre-Candidacy classes: SWO 200, SWO 220, SWO 225, SWO 300, SWO 320, SWO 332, and SWO 350 OR SWO 351.
  • Made satisfactory progress in completion of general education coursework
  • WRT 120, WRT 200, SOC XXX, PSY 100, PSC XXX, PHI XXX, HIS XXX, Foreign Language 1, Foreign Language 2, Science, Math, and Art course (or complete/attain an Academic Passport).
  • Earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
      **Please make an appointment with your faculty advisor to determine specific classes you'll take for any given semester.

Complete the Candidacy application and include the following:

  • The Candidacy Application: *new link will be posted in Fall 22' when applications are being accepted
  • Personal Data form*
  • Unofficial WCU transcript
  • Candidacy application checklist*
  • Proof of Coursework Progress for Candidacy*
  • Copy of your Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse training certificate
  • Signed Professional Behavior Agreement form*
  • Signed & Completed Verification Form confirming completion of the 20 hour Volunteer Service Requirement
  • Letter of Recommendation (from a non-family member) who can vouch for and recommend the student as possessing the qualities and characteristics of a good social worker

*found within the application

Other Requirements for Candidacy:

Application Process:

 Any undergraduate student should follow this process in navigating the Pre-Candidacy period and applying for Candidacy:

  • Access the Candidacy application at: *new link will be posted in Fall 22' when applications are being accepted
  • Complete the required information and upload required documents to your jotform Candidacy application, including the Verification Form confirming completion of the 20 hour Volunteer Service Requirement.
  • Confirm completion, concurrent enrollment of required coursework or possess an Academic Passport via unofficial WCU transcript.
  • Questions or concerns about navigating this process, please email or call 610-436-2999.


Your Candidacy Application Must Include:


  • Please read this section for more information about the field education & placement process for Social Work majors (at both West Chester and Philadelphia locations).

  • For more information visit the BSW Field Education site: 

    West Chester Students: 
    Contact Janet Bradley, Field Director, if you are in West Chester.

    Philadelphia Students:

    Contact Keisha Kelley, Field Director, if you are in Philadelphia.

  • Keep in mind that to be considered for junior field, students must do the following:
    • Successful complete SWO 200, 220, 225, 300, 320, 332, and 350 by the end of this semester
    • Have a GPA of 2.5 or better
    • Be accepted into candidacy (students can begin to interact with the placement process if they have completed and submitted their candidacy application and are just awaiting acceptance of their application)

  • The field placement process, and to successfully enroll in SWO 375, includes:
    • Submitting candidacy application by October 1st and being accepted to candidacy.
    • Schedule an individual meeting to discuss junior field with the Field Director. (Junior year students expecting to register for SWO 375 should expect a link to be emailed to them.
    • Complete a field application on TK20, directions listed here.
    • Upload an up-to-date resume into TK20.  Your resume will be shared with potential field sites so please make sure it is formatted and free of grammar and spelling errors.
    • Attend an interview with potential field placement site.
    • Be accepted to field placement site (process clearances and other items as requested by site).
    • Start SWO 375 in Spring of that next semester.
    • Students are not to find their own field placement.  They will work with the Field Director to secure a field placement.

  • Prior to your interview at the potential field site:
    • Research the mission of the site and population served by checking their website as well as articles about the organization.

Social Work Candidacy Contacts

Anderson Hall, Room 404
725 S Church Street
West Chester, PA 19383 

Dr. Greg Tully
Department Chair
Department of Social Work

Kelsey Organ
Associate Director
Office of Candidate Services