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CESW Staff

Desha Williams Headshot

Desha Williams, Ph.D.
Recitation Hall, 302B

Maria Stetter Headshot

Maria Stetter, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Recitation Hall, 302C

Casey Bohrman Headshot

Casey Bohrman, MSW, PH.D.
Special Assistant to the Dean for Social Work
Anderson Hall 436

Michele Adkins Headshot

Michele Adkins
Student Success Coordinator
Recitation Hall, 201B

Dana Baglivo Headshot

Dana Baglivo, M.B.A.
Assistant Director of Data Systems, Assessment Office
Recitation Hall, 209

Maryann Beaver Headshot

Maryann Beaver
Executive Director, Clinical Experiences & Candidate Services
Wayne Hall, Suite 107, Room 108

Janet Bradley Headshot

Janet Bradley, MSS, MLSP, LSW
Director of Field Education, Undergraduate Social Work
Anderson Hall, 410

Donna Callaghan Headshot

Donna Callaghan
Department Secretary, Undergraduate Social Work
Anderson Hall, 404

Elizabeth Carney Headshot

Elizabeth Keane Carney
Assistant Dean
Recitation Hall, 302A

Krista Carstens Headshot

Krista Carstens
Department Secretary, Literacy
Recitation Hall, 108B

Margaret Connors Headshot

Margaret Connors
Administrative Assistant, Clinical Experiences (Student Teaching)
Wayne Hall, Suite 107

Kathy Crouse Headshot

Kathy Crouse
Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office
Recitation Hall, 302

Cornell Davis Headshot

Cornell Davis, MSW, LSW
Field Director of Social Work
Philadelphia Campus

Melissa Dziedzic Headshot

Melissa Berlin, MSW
Director of Field Education, Graduate Social Work
Anderson Hall, 407

Michelle Fisher Headshot

Michelle Fisher
Director of Instructional Design and Technology
Recitation Hall, 310B

Garbo Goodkin Headshot

Garbo Goodkin
Director of Field Experience, Counselor Education
Graduate Center, Suite 101, Room 105

Amy Hancox Headshot

Amy Hancox
Office Coordinator, Educational Foundations and Policy Studies
Wayne Hall, 902

Lanya Harkins Headshot

Lanya Harkins
Associate Director of Clinical Experiences
Wayne Hall, Suite 107, Room 109

Barbara Leisenring Headshot

Barbara Leisenring
Department Secretary, Early & Middle Grades Education
Recitation Hall, 106B

Sunny Livelsberger Headshot

Sunny Livelsberger
Director of the Technology Center
Recitation Hall, 310

Susan McKnett Headshot

Susan McKnett
Field Placement Specialist, Clinical Experiences 
Wayne Hall, Suite 107, Room 113

Denise Meikle Headshot

Denise Meikle
Field Placement Specialist, Clinical Experiences
Wayne Hall, Suite 107, Room 111

Jeanean Mohr Headshot

Jeanean Mohr, MSW
Program Coordinator, Graduate Social Work
Anderson Hall, 431

Thom Nixon Headshot

Thom Nixon
Student Success Coordinator
Recitation Hall, 201A

Sue O'Doherty Headshot

Sue O'Doherty
Administrative Assistant, Clinical Experiences (Student Teaching)
Wayne Hall, 107

Mary O'Reilly Headshot

Mary O'Reilly
Department Secretary, Special Education
Recitation Hall, 304

Kelsey Organ Headshot

Kelsey Organ, M.A., M.S.
Associate Director of Candidate Services
Wayne Hall, Suite 107, Room 119

Stacey Raker Headshot

Stacey Raker
Department Coordinator, Graduate Social Work Department
Anderson Hall, 403

Leigh Robinson Headshot

Leigh Robinson
Assistant Director of Data Administration, Assessment Office
Recitation Hall, 209C

Ashley Rowe Headshot

Ashley Rowe, Ed.D.
Director of Professional Education, Certification, and Compliance
Recitation Hall, 302

Paulette Rowe Headshot

Paulette Rowe
Office Coordinator, Secondary Education
Anderson Hall, 501

Jan Schumacher Headshot

Jan Schumacher, Ph.D.
Director of Assessment
Recitation Hall, 209B

Beth Shearn Headshot

Beth Shearn
Department Coordinator, Graduate School of Social Work
Anderson Hall, 403

Heather Showers Headshot

Heather Showers
Administrative Assistant, Candidate Services
Wayne Hall, 107, Room 117

Layna Smith Headshot

Layna Smith, MSW
Director of Field Education, Graduate Social Work
Philadelphia Campus

Samantha Weiss Placeholder Headshot

Samantha Weiss
Professional Testing Center Coordinator
Francis H. Green Library, Suite 129

Counselor Education

Bridget Asempapa Headshot

Bridget Asempapa
Assistant Professor

Peter Boccone Headshot

Peter J. Boccone
Assistant Professor

Vickie McCoy Headshot

Vickie Ann McCoy

Chreyl Neale-McFall Headshot

Cheryl W. Neale-McFall
Associate Professor

Eric Owens Headshot

Eric W. Owens

Matthew Snyder Headshot

Matthew J. Snyder

Naijian Zhang Headshot

Naijian Zhang

WCU Placement Holder

Nikki Correa
Assistant Professor

Early Middle Grades Education

Karen Johnson Headshot

Karen J. Johnson
Professor (2007)

David Barry Headshot

David Barry
Assistant Professor (2021)

Jade Burris Headshot

Jade Burris
Associate Professor (2015)
Coordinator, M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education

Laura Fiorenza Headshot

Laura E. Fiorenza
Post-Baccalaureate Coordinator
Associate Professor (1994)

Sara Lamb Kistler Headshot

Sara Lamb Kistler
Assistant Chairperson
Professor (2004)

Heather Leaman Headshot

Heather Leaman
Coordinator, M.Ed. in Applied Studies in Teaching & Learning
Professor (2005)

Crystal Loose Headshot

Crystal Loose
Assistant Professor (2019)

Vicky Patton Headshot

Vicky M. Patton
Associate Professor (1992)

Paul Sylvester Headshot

Paul Sylvester
Associate Professor (2016)

Educational Foundations & Policy Studies

John Elmore Headshot

John Elmore
Department Chair, Full Professor

Curry Malott Headshot

Curry Malott
Associate Professor

Douglas Morris Headshot

Douglas Morris
Assistant Professor

Jason Wozniak Headshot

Jason Wozniak
Assistant Professor

Educational Leadership & Higher Education Administration

David Backer Headshot

David Backer
Associate Professor

Jacqueline Hodes Headshot

Jacqueline S. Hodes
Professor, Chair and Program Director for HEPSA

Matthew Kruger-Ross Headshot

Matthew Kruger-Ross
Associate Professor, Program Director for Principalship/LOE

Heather Schugar Headshot

Heather Schugar
Professor, Program Director for Ed.D.


Kevin Flanigan Headshot

Kevin Flanigan
Professor, Graduate Coordinator

Daris Mcinnis Headshot

Daris Mcinnis
Assistant Professor

Kathleen Riley Headshot

Kathleen Riley
Associate Professor

Diane Santori Headshot

Diane Santori
Professor, Department Chairperson

Katie Solic Headshot

Katie Solic
Associate Professor

Secondary Education

Laura Renzi Headshot

Laura Renzi
Professor of English Education
Department Chair, Secondary Education
BSED Coordinator
Anderson Hall 501A

Daniel Ilaria Headshot

Daniel Ilaria
Professor of Mathematics Education
BSED Coordinator
Program Director WW Teaching Fellowship
Council of Professional Education Facilitator
Anderson Hall 506

Karin Gedge Headshot

Karin Gedge
Professor of History
BSED Coordinator
Anderson Hall 505

Pauline Schmidt Headshot

Pauline Schmidt
Professor of English Education
Director, West Chester Writing Project
Anderson 503

Brett Criswell Headshot

Brett Criswell
Assistant Professor of Science Education
BSED Coordinator
Anderson Hall 509

Jenifer Hummer Headshot

Jenifer Hummer
Assistant Professor of STEM Education
Anderson Hall 507

Social Work Undergraduate

Pablo Arriaza Headshot

Pablo Arriaza
Associate Professor
Chair, Program Director


Adjunct Faculty

Tracie Dixon Headshot

Tracie Dixon
Adjunct Faculty

Chad Lassiter Headshot

Chad Lassiter
Adjunct Faculty

Jennifer Marshall Headshot

Jennifer Marshall
Adjunct Faculty

Wanda Moore Headshot

Wanda Moore
Adjunct Faculty

Trichia Prince Headshot

Trichia Prince
Adjunct Faculty

Michelle Sanchez Headshot

Michelle Sanchez
Adjunct Faculty


Donna Callaghan Headshot

Donna Callaghan
Department Coordinator

Janet Bradley Headshot

Janet Bradley
Director of Field Education, West Chester Campus

Social Work Graduate

Ginneh L. Akbar Headshot

Ginneh L. Akbar, MSW, DSW, LSW
Program Director, Department Chair, Associate Professor

Page Buck Headshot

Page Walker Buck, MSS, PhD, LSW
Graduate Coordinator and Assistant Department Chair - West Chester Campus, Professor

Casey Bohrman

Casey Bohrman, MSW, PhD
Graduate Coordinator and Assistant Department Chair - Philadelphia Campus, Assistant Professor

Meagan Corrado Headshot

Meagan Corrado
Assistant Professor

Linda Ello Headshot

Linda Ello, MSW, PhD, LCSW
Associate Professor

Erin Hipple Headshot

Erin Hipple, MA, MSW, PhD, LCSW
Assistant Professor

Nia Johnson Headshot

Nia Johnson, Ph.D., LMSW
Assistant Professor

Angela Lavery Headshot

Angela Lavery, MSW, PhD, LCSW, FT
Associate Professor and the Graduate Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

Kerrie Ocasio Headshot

Kerrie Ocasio, MSW, PhD
Assistant Professor

Mia Ocean Headshot

Mia Ocean, MSW, PhD
Associate Professor

Julie Tennille Headshot

Julie Tennille, MSW, PhD, LSW
Associate Professor

Todd Vanidestine Headshot

Todd Vanidestine, MSW, MHR, PhD
Assistant Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Pier Circerelle Headshot

Pier Cicerelle, MSW, LSW

Layna Smith Headshot

Layna Smith, MSS

Shenise Henderson Headshot

Shenise Henderson, MBA, MSS, LCSW, RYT


Jeanean Mohr Headshot

Jeanean Mohr, MSW
Assistant Director of Recruitment, Admissions, and Enrollment

Melissa Dziedzic Headshot

Melissa Dziedzic, MSW
Director of Field Education, West Chester Campus

Layna Smith Headshot

Layna Smith, MSW
Director of Field Education/Adjunct Professor, Philadelphia Campus

Beth Shearn Headshot

Beth Shearn
Program Coordinator

Stacey Raker Headshot

Stacey Raker
Department Coordinator

Special Education

Beatrice Adera Headshot

Beatrice Adera
Professor, Dept. Chairperson

Colleen Commisso Headshot

Colleen Commisso
Assistant Professor, Assessment Coordinator

Kim Doan Headshot

Kim Doan
Professor, Best Buddies Faculty Co-Advisor

Christy Hicks Headshot

Christy S. Hicks
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator

Mary Houser Headshot

Mary Houser
Associate Professor

Ashley J. Miller Headshot

Ashley J. Miller
Assistant Professor, CEC Faculty Co-Advisor

Dawn Patterson Headshot

Dawn R. Patterson
Associate Professor, Assistant Dept. Chair

Sujata Pisharoty-Norman Headshot

Sujata Pisharoty-Norman
Assistant Professor, CEC Faculty Co-Advisor

Adjunct Faculty

Barbara Reed Headshot

Barbara Reed

Joseph Starinieri Headshot

Joseph Starinieri

Karenann McFarland Headshot

Karenann McFarland

Brittany Severino Headshot

Brittany Severino

Tiffany Bendistis Headshot

Tiffany Bendistis

Lindsay Costello Headshot

Lindsay Costello

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Alyssa Penaluna

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Rahmanda Campbell

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Heather Hoffert

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Susan Krikelis

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Michael Ubbens    


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