Christian Penny

Christian Penny


Dr. Chris Penny is a proud parent of three amazing little boys, Conner, Liam and Keegan. He is a Professor of Education at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Penn State University. In a previous life he was a professional football (soccer) player.

In 2011 he won the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award for his excellence in the classroom. In 2007 he became an Apple Distinguished Educator, and in 2009 a Google Certified Teacher. His efforts in teaching and research have the focus of technology integration in education. Dr Penny's most recent research, and subsequent speaking engagements, is focused on mobile pedagogy and what many people are calling the Post-PC era. This is the topic of his latest book Mobile Pedagogy and Perspective on Teaching and Learning. He is interested in understanding how new tools, like tablet computers, can improve the teaching and learning experience. Outside of teaching and research he serves on the Apple Distinguished Educator Advisory Board.

Area of Instruction

Dr. Penny's efforts in teaching and research have the focus of:

  • Technology Integration in Education

Publications and Professional Activities

Currently, Dr. Penny is working on an eBook reader pilot with students and faculty. The goal of the pilot is to determine if the convenience and features of an eBook reader are more useful than the physical qualities of a print book.

Dr. Penny recently published an edited book entitled Technology Leadership in Teacher Education: Integrated Solutions and Experiences. He has additionally published articles on eMentoring, 24/7 laptop access for teacher candidates, and ePortfolios.

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