Professional Social Work Links

Social Work education works closely with the National Association for Social Workers (NASW) and abides by the Code of Ethics. Students are strongly encouraged to join NASW, and remain active as long as they practice social work. The social work program is also linked to the Counsel on Social Work Education (CSWE), the national accreditation body for social work programs. CSWE also hosts an annual meeting reflecting the needs of social work education. The social work program also has strong ties to the Association for Baccalaureate Program Directors, Inc. (BPD), which works with undergraduate faculty and students to promote excellence in undergraduate social work education. Other groups with which the social work program is affiliated are the National Association for Black Social Workers (NABSW), the National Association for Christian Social Workers (NACSW), the National Association for Jewish Social Workers (NAJSW), the Child Welfare League of America, and Family Services of America.

There are numerous Social Work groups that students participate in. A tentative list is provided below.