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West Chester University Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, strives on leadership excellence. Under Dauntless Battalion, West Chester cadets will further their own personal and academic development. Centered upon the leadership attributes of fitness, discipline, and empathy, we consistently produce prestigious United States Army Officers ready for the challenge. If you are ready to learn how to lead soldiers and accept the ultimate calling, join our team now! Contact our Scholarship & Enrollment officer today!

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Vision: The Dauntless Battalion is a storied military organization producing courageous and determined future leaders of the U.S. Army. Founded upon the pillars of hard work, humility and empathy, these men and women are prepared for the rigors of warfare with an unshakable will to win.

Army ROTC is the largest officer-producing organization with the American military, having over 600,000 men and women have earned a commission through the program. Among them are two chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, seven Army chiefs of staff, two Cabinet secretaries and a sitting Supreme Court associate justice. Few other military commissioning sources can claim such significant lineage. 


  • Professor of Military Science 
  • - LTC James Pascoe
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  • Assistant Professor of Military Science 
  • - CPT Lucas Frisch, IN (PANG)
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  • Senior Military Science Instructor
  • -MSG Richie Pozo, IN
  • MSG Pozo SMI
  • Scholarship & Enrollment Officer
  • -MAJ (R) Keith Karbel- IN,
  • MAJ Karbel


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