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Scholarship Overview

The WCU Nanoscience for Health and Technology S-STEM Scholarship program supports the retention and graduation of high-achieving students who are interested in the applications of Nanoscience for the advancement of society.

The project also supports the development and implementation of curricular and co-curricular programs that improve student success and professional preparedness in STEM fields. In addition, scholar participation n the activities planned will enhance our understanding of effective teaching and retention strategies in STEM disciplines.


Scholars will receive up to $9,000 per year in academic scholarships for four years contingent upon maintaining good academic standing.

Research and Internships

Scholars will receive a $4,000 stipend to participate in an 8-week research or internship program in their second and third years in the program. Summer research performed at WCU will include room and board.


Eligible applicants must have a minimum overall high school GPA of 3.20 and obtain Pell Grant Eligibility based on FAFSA. Students are expected to participate in ~75% of the co-curricular program activities aimed at providing support to the scholars and gaining knowledge on effective teaching and support strategies for future S-STEM students. In addition, students must express an interest in Nanoscience and a desire to major in one of the following programs:

Program Highlights

  • Interactive Lab-based Summer STEMersion camp.
  • Participation in a peer-mentoring cohort.
  • Nanoscience in the News Seminar.
  • Nanoscience in STEM Lecture Series
  • Research mentoring.
  • Resume writing and Job Search Workshops
  • Graduate School Fellowship-writing Workshops
  • Travel to conferences.
  • Paid summer research opportunities and internships

Program Directors

Dr. Brandon Mitchell (Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Engineering)

Dr. Anil Kandalam (Professor, Department of Physics & Engineering)

Dr. Emily Miller (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics)

Dr Nicole Ramo (Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering)


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