Summer STEMersion Camp

The Summer STEMersion Camp

Will provide scholars with an immersive experience designed with three main goals: (i) to foster a feeling of community within the S-STEM cohort and the camp advisors, (ii) to have the scholars start seeing themselves as STEM professionals by engaging in activities and workshops designed to foster creativity and exploration, and (iii) to give the scholars early exposure to college-level study skills, campus culture, and a supportive community, enabling them to begin college with increased confidence. The scholars will be provided room and board the 3-week long camp, as well as a $150 stipend for living costs.

S-STEM Scholars

First Scholar Cohort (Summer STEMersion Camp 2021)

Lab Pic

In the lab making Gold Nanoparticles

Multidisciplinary STEM Lecture Series

Scholars will cultivate professional relationships by leading a Multidisciplinary STEM Lecture Series. Throughout the term, participants will host three speakers and organize the logistics of the visits by planning meals, presentations on “The Secret of My Success” and “Research Highlights” by each guest.

Nanoscience in the News

Scholars will participate in a modern take on a “journal club” designed to increase their awareness of how nanoscience influences our everyday lives. Scholars will find examples of current nanoscience or other STEM findings/discoveries via press releases, university websites and other (approved) online forums, and discuss their findings with researchers who are active in these fields.

Applications of Math and Reasoning in Nanoscience Course

This combined lab/lecture course will expose the scholars to basic problem-solving skills involving polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, where an emphasis will be placed on understanding function properties, models, and graphs applied to nanoscience situations. The lab portion of this course will utilize inquiry-oriented activities using Arduinos, PASCO interfaces, and other lab equipment already available at WCU, where little to no prior knowledge of physics, biology, chemistry, or engineering is assumed. This course will be worth 1 credit towards each student’s STEM major course requirements, where is tuition is provided by the scholarship. An example of a lab activity will be the synthesis and analysis of gold nanoparticles, with a focus on their use in applications such as sensory probes, drug delivery and catalysis.

S-STEM Orientation.

This day-long activity will be the culmination of the STEMersion camp.  During the S-STEM Orientation, scholars will be welcomed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, interact with representatives from the support offices, have one-on-one sessions with their Academic Advisors, and discuss S-STEM program expectations with the Research Mentors. The scholars will also be introduced to the concept of the Accountability Team, through which they will find mutual support and interact regularly with a Cohort Mentor.

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