Students receive an email notification when new charges for the semester are posted to their account.  Upon receipt of the email, students may view/print an on-demand Statement of Account via myWCU. Students MUST check their WCU email regularly!

In order for parents/guardians to view charges, students must delegate access to them.  Students should: 

  • Log into myWCU 
  • Look for Student Resources section 
  • Select the Parent Portal 
  • Click on the Share my Information tab 
  • Click on the Delegate Access to a New Contact button 
  • Select Account Summary access

Students are expected to pay their tuition by the due date to avoid cancellation of their schedules and late payment fees.

Students are required to monitor their account regularly for additional charges.

Financial holds are placed on student accounts with any unpaid balance.

Payment plans are available for the Fall and Spring semesters.

In order for parents/guardians to make payments or enroll in a payment plan, students must set them up as an Authorized Payer in QuikPAY.

Payment Plan Directions

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