Ram Plan Co-curricular Experience

  • Ram Plan Co-curricular transcript
  • LDMC
  • Career fair


Co-curricular programs are educational programs outside of the classroom that are intentionally designed to build students' skills and competencies that complete the educational mission of the university in fostering student success.

Capture what you learn outside of the classroom and set yourself apart from your peers. Create your story through your Ram Plan Co-curricular Transcript and utilize it when searching for jobs, internships, graduate school and more!



Build your experience in any of the five focus areas.

Ram Plan focus areas: Career Readiness, Community Engagement, Health and Wellness, Involvement and Leadership, and Social Justice.


Utilize the Ram Plan Goals to talk about what you learned.   

Ram Plan learning goals: civic engagement, communication, critical thinking, integrative learning, intercultural fluency, personal development and problem solving.



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