The Office of Wellness Promotion provides education on the following topics in a variety of modalities:

Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco, and Other Drug Education (prescription misuse, stimulants, hallucinogens, depressants)
Health Promotion

Mental Health
Physical Health (nutrition, movement)
Sexual health


To submit a program request, please use the Wellness Promotion Program Request Form.  

When making your request, please note the required tech needs for programs.  

The Office of Wellness Promotion is available to facilitate the educational workshops listed below for a class, resident hall, organization, or group. The workshops include education and interactive activities to engage students around a variety of topics. In many cases, a team of peer educators will assist with the facilitation of the programs. The Office of Wellness Promotion requests a minimum of 7 business days notice when requesting the facilitation of a workshop.   Not part of an organization or group but would like to participate?  Check out our program offerings on the Office of Wellness Promotion RamConnect page.  

To submit a request, please use the Wellness Promotion Program Request Form.   When making your request, please note the required tech needs for programs.  

*programs approved in the WCU Ram Plan Co-Curricular Transcript.  For additional details, click here.


  • Any Ram Can-Bystander Intervention*: Any Ram Can is a program designed to engage students in conversation about being an active bystander with emphasis on alcohol use. Through several different modalities such a trivia, role playing, and working through a case study, students will explore various bystander intervention strategies, identify the qualities of being an active and engaged bystander, and learn about the university’s medical amnesty program. In addition, this workshop provides students the opportunity to discuss recent current events related to bystander intervention on college campuses. This program is available via live facilitation or the department’s D2L page. 

  • Choices About Cannabis:  The Choices About Cannabis workshop provides students with the opportunity to learn about the effects of cannabis on their brain and body, the impact of being around those who consume it, as well as the impact it may be having on their life if choosing to use cannabis in an interactive small group environment with their peers.  The information in this workshop can help students make informed decisions if they choose to consume cannabis or help others who might make the decision to consume.  

August 15: 10-11:30am (via Zoom)

To register and for additional information, visit Ram Connect: and search Wellness Promotion Events.

  • Decisions About Drinking: The Decisions About Drinking workshop provides students with the opportunity to learn about the effects of alcohol on their brain and body, the impact of being around those who consume it, as well as the impact it may be having on their life if choosing to drink, in an interactive small group environment with their peers. This program provides an opportunity for students to have an open and honest conversation about various topics such as standard drink size and WCU policies, resources and supports regarding alcohol.  

August 18, 2022: 3-4:30pm (via Zoom)

To register and for additional information, visit Ram Connect: and search Wellness Promotion Events.

  • Discovering Well-Being*: Discovering Well-Being is a program designed to engaged students in conversations around the concept of well-being and the influence on student’s lives at WCU and beyond. During this workshop, students will have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities to explore how focus, the ability to empathize and express compassion, the impact of inspiration on personal drive, and how thoughts and beliefs influence our expectations connect back to well-being. During this introduction to well-being, students will learn strategies and resources available on campus to assist them in further exploring and practicing well-being. This program is available via the department’s D2L page. 

  • Microwaves & Mini-Fridges*: This workshop will offer information and provide a cooking demonstration where students will be observe how a nutritious meal or snack can be made via a microwave to increase student’s self-efficacy in eating more nutritiously. During this workshop, students will play a game to learn more about various foods and nutrients. Students will then be able to put their knowledge to the test by creating a virtual nutritious meal or snack in a microwave. 

  • Sexpectations: This peer-led workshop is designed to engage students about communication, consent, implementing boundaries, and setting expectations in relationships. This program will provide opportunities for discussion around decision-making in regards to sexual behavior and challenge one’s own understanding of sexual projects (which answer the question, “what is sex for?”).

  • Shift Happens: Shift Happens is a program designed to challenge student norms and perceptions about alcohol and drug use by college students.  Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their own perceptions about alcohol and drug use, review current substance use data for the collegiate setting, and gain skills to confront and dispel misperceptions around alcohol and drug use. 
  • Voice Your Values:  This peer-led workshop leads students through a variety of reflective activities and dialogues to discuss what is a value, how values influence decision-making, and assist students in identifying their personal values. This workshop builds on Discovering Well-Being and further explores one of the measurable pillars of well-being, purpose. 


To register and for additional information, visit Ram Connect: and search Wellness Promotion Events

Join the Office of Wellness Promotion on Wednesdays throughout the semester for interactive, guided activities and discussion facilitated by members of our Peer Education team connected to well-being.  Additional information about upcoming Wellness Wednesday events can be found on RamConnect.  


The Office of Wellness Promotion has received funding from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), Bureau of Alcohol Education’s Reducing Underage Drinking and Dangerous Drinking (RUDD) Grant to develop and enhance alcohol education programming for WCU students through the development of several initiatives including the RefRAMe Campaign . The campaign is aimed at reframing the campus culture around alcohol use.  Misperceptions and misinformation lead to overestimating use, pressure to consume, normalizing dangerous behaviors, and diminished risk of behaviors.   

The goals of the RefRAMe Campaign include: 
-Developing institutional capacity through data collection and analysis to identify ways in which the role of alcohol on our campus culture can be reframed  
-Implementing strategic initiatives to reframe campus culture through conversation, environment, and events   
-Developing  evaluation measures to assess effectiveness of campaign efforts in changing campus culture  

Campaign Resources:

Ram Connect

WCU Student Support Center

WCU Pet Therapy Program


Are you having trouble getting quality sleep?  Are you interested in learning how to get more restful nights?  The Refresh Sleep program, developed
at Stanford University, provides college students with skills and strategies to achieve better sleep. Course material is distributed to students weekly
for a total of 7 weeks through email. 

Student participants will receive weekly email tips and strategies to achieve more restful night sleep as well as a weekly sleep log.
Students will spend on average 10-30 minutes per week with the program content that includes information about:
      The physiology of sleep
       Sleep hygiene
       Relaxation techniques
       Cognitive strategies

Check Back at the start of the Fall 2022 semester for information on the next Refresh Sleep Program

Purple background with text: what is the ram box?  The ram box is a private subscription like service free to students.  Boxes are: stress detox, sunshine in a box, the rub hub, quit kit and connect a box.  You can request a free ram box through and complete the form on the programming page

The Ram Box is a FREE initiative through the Office of Wellness Promotion that functions similar to a subscription box. Through this initiative, students can request a box that includes educational materials and some fun surprises connected to the topic of the box. The Ram Box is packaged in a discreet manner so no one other than the requestor knows the content included. Below are the different types of boxes available for students to request during the fall 2021 semester. Students will receive notification via when their box is ready for pick-up from the Student Health Vestibule (before entering Student Health) in the Lower Level of Commonwealth Hall. We are able to ship a limited quantity of Ram Boxes to students taking all their classes remotely or taking their classes on Exton/Philadelphia campus AND reside more than 30 miles from WCU.  Boxes are not eligible to be shipped internationally. Requests are on a first come, first serve basis

  • Quit Kit Box: This box contains a series of tools and resources to assist students with quitting tobacco use including vaping, chewing, or smoking. Included in each kit are Quitspiration notes, a Quitter kit including supplies to assist with managing consumption urges, educational content on the benefits of quitting, goal setting and journal sheets, and information on apps to support your quitting journey. A student can request this box once a semester. 
  • Connect-a-Box: This box contains a series of tools and resources to assist students with creating connections with each other.  Included in the kit are jokes, popcorn, human resilience stickers, conversation starters, and educational content on how these things can help individuals in forming strong relationships.  This box can be requested once a semester.

Fresh Check Day is a signature program from the Jordan Porco Foundation designed to bring awareness to mental health promotion and suicide prevention.  This event includes interactive booths and peer-to-peer messaging through a fun and interactive event.  The program's primary goals include:

  • Increase awareness of mental health resources and services available to students
  • Reduce stigma and misconceptions about mental health and suicide that often deter individuals from seeking help
  • Empower peers to be gatekeepers by understanding warning signs and knowing what to do if a friend is exhibiting signs of suicide or mental health concerns
  • Increase willingness to ask for help if experiencing emotional distress.

Fresh Check Day 2022 will be taking place on the Residential Quad on Wednesday, September 21 from 1-3pm (Student Recreation Center is the rain location).  Check back often for additional details. 

To learn more about Fresh Check Day, click here.  

The Office of Wellness Promotion and the WCU Department of Health are coordinating a Student Health and Well-Being Expo scheduled for Wednesday, November 16 from 1-3pm in the Student Recreation Center.  Join us for interactive educational booths and hands on activities to learn more about how you can be well @WCU.  More information and details to come!


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