Crisis Response: General

Need Help For A Student NOW?

  • Public Safety: 610-436-3311 for safety concerns on campus 
  • Call 911 or the proper local police emergency number for safety concerns off campus
  • Counseling Services: 610-436-2301 for behavior or mental health concerns 

If you are worried about a student’s mental or physical health or witnessed behaviors in a student that have caused distress, the Counseling Center site was designed as a resource about signs of distress and referral sources.

Faculty members are frequently the best individuals to notice when a student is struggling, given the frequency with which they see students during the semester. At times, issues of interpersonal difficulty, academic stress, or financial pressures are evident. The information that follows is provided as a guide so that the student and the faculty member can access the best resources on campus.

After Hours Emergency Contacts

  • For Psychological Concerns on campus only call WCU Public Safety at 610-436-3311. For off campus incidents, call 911 or the local police department.
    • An on-call Psychologist will be paged to speak with you
  • If there is imminent danger, please call Public Safety so that transportation to an area hospital can be arranged.
  • If assistance is needed when the university is closed over break or a holiday, please call Valley Creek Crisis Center directly at 610-918-2100
    • They will dispatch a Mobile Crisis Unit to assist the student, conduct the assessment, and transport the student to the hospital, if deemed necessary.
  • If the student is agreeable to having one’s parents voluntarily involved, contact the parents in the presence of the student. Never leave a suicidal individual alone while you are making arrangements.