Microsoft Teams - Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I access Teams?
Go to, sign in, and click on the Teams app in the ribbon.

What is Teams?
Microsoft Teams brings conversations, collaboration, content sharing, meetings, and apps together in one place.

What are some examples of use cases for my role/department?
Weekly team meetings
Hiring Committee
Team Training
Larger group meeting/event planning (i.e. Division Meetings)

What are the features/benefits of using Teams?
Everything is integrated in one place
Everyone has access from anywhere (no software needed, use browser)
Chat feature for conversations
Reference past notes/documents/information
Collaborate in real time
Eliminates the need to email users, saving email storage space and time

Where I can get more information?
Contact the Help Desk at 610-436-3350 or email

How can I get training?
Contact FAST (Faculty and Staff Training) at

How do I add new members to my Teams group?
Click on the Team name in the left column of Teams. Click on the Team name at the top of screen. Click the Add member button on the right of the screen. Type the user’s email address in the box that appears and click on the name that appears and click the Add button.

Who has access to Teams?
Only employees of West Chester University have access to use Teams.

Should I be using Teams?
If you do a lot of collaboration, trainings, and teamwork, Teams is the best resource for you. 

Is Teams a new service?
Microsoft recently added this new service to their product offerings. Eventually Teams will replace Skype for Business.

Does Teams replace another software or product?
Not currently but eventually Teams will replace Skype for Business.

Are there any costs associated with using Teams?
WCU has secured Microsoft Office 365 licensing which includes use of Teams. If you are a current employee, you will have full access to Teams.

What information do I use to log into Teams?
You will use your WCU account credentials to log into Teams through

Is there an app for Teams?
Yes, you can download the app by clicking the Download button on the right of the page in the purple banner that appears in the Teams version when using your browser. The banner reads,” Want an even faster, more collaborative experience? Download the desktop app.”

What apps are available for use in Teams?
All Microsoft Office apps can be used within teams along with a vast catalog of other apps that may be added depending your needs.


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